Our Vision

We are an innovative, dynamic company that makes travelling by public transport easier than ever before. The FAIRTIQ app offers the simplest, most cost-effective tickets - for travellers, transport authorities and public transport operators. After a greatly successful launch in Switzerland, we are now expanding into new markets. Our ultimate goal is to simplify sustainable mobility internationally.
The simplest way to everyday mobility for everyone, everywhere.
Gian-Mattia Schucan - CEO FAIRTIQ
Our values
We always act in a transparent, honest, dependable and fair manner.
We interact in tandem with our employees and our partners, and strive to maintain a friendly, considerate and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.
We are fully committed to continuously improving our product and encouraging our team members’ ambitions.
We foster collaborative and inspiring work culture which embraces innovation and creativity.
We stand for qualitative, responsible, constructive and future-oriented solutions.
We ensure a simple, intuitive, accommodating and seamless user experience.
5 years of FAIRTIQ - What a journey!

On the occasion of the anniversary, our founding team consisting of Jonas, Michel, Jeremy and Gian-Mattia looks back on a time full of visions, progress, and enriching encounters.

Find out more about the history and origins of FAIRTIQ in the film: The Founders Fondue.

The people behind FAIRTIQ
70 ingenious, inventive, tech-savvy, travel-enthusiastic minds make FAIRTIQ what it is.
Get to know our team now
MyClimate Certificate

At FAIRTIQ we are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment. From the moment we set up the company, we have adopted a number of practices to make our activities more sustainable. Whenever they can, our team use public transport for their business trips. In addition, our staff receive a half-fare travel card and a 50% discount on all of their business and personal travel (FAIRTIQ Benefits) in Switzerland. When organising international business trips, we scrutinise the different options available, carefully comparing the price, duration and environmental impact of the journey for each mode of transport. In the office, we keep our paper consumption to a minimum and use only FSC certified paper. We know that every action, no matter how small, counts.

This is why we bring our own reusable containers when buying takeaway food. We are the proud bearers of the myclimate 'Carbon-neutral company' label. We were awarded this certificate in recognition of our efforts to offset our carbon emissions through our involvement in the foundation's high-quality climate projects. We realise that CO2 compensation does not make everything right and we need to do whatever we can to stop producing emissions in the first place. But we feel it is important that we lead by example while continuing to seek out new ways to shrink our carbon footprint and operate more sustainably.