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Digital travel credits for your employees

Employers want to increase public transport use

FAIRTIQ’s mission is to make sustainable mobility simple to use for its customers, and that includes businesses. We know that buying regular public transport passes is both onerous and hard to administer, no matter the size of your company. That is why our digital solutions are always designed to require minimal administrative outlay, keep your cost under control and maximize efficiency, so you can focus on what is truly important for your business.

Whether you want to let your employees set up a profile with a corporate credit card, give them vouchers, establish a more complex cost-sharing model or anything else, our solutions help employers keep their costs under control. All of our solutions revolve around the Pay-per-use principle.


You just have to decide how you want your transit benefits to be spent, according to a variety of parameters :

Icon / medium / authorized staff
Authorized staff
Icon / medium / specific area
Specific area or itinerary
Icon / medium / specific days-hours
Specific days and hours
Icon / medium / maximum use 8 9 9
Maximum number of use
Icon / medium / cost sharing
Employee/Employer cost-sharing model
Icon / medium / more_alt
And more.
Those customization possibilities allow FAIRTIQ to offer the most cost-effective and agile mobility solution on the market.

Furthermore, you can also connect our dashboard to your expense management tool, so you can keep track of all your bills in a single place.

In addition, compared to other conventional alternatives, our solution allows us to create detailed reports, either for tax, compliance or operational purposes. Since the privacy of the employees’ is also very important to FAIRTIQ, all personal travel data is anonymized. 

More information in our blog post.

Best practices by our current B2B customers :
FAIRTIQ’s expertise has already been tested by companies of varying sizes and objectives. Every time, FAIRTIQ met their needs. Here is a list of the different solution we implemented :

Hilti is a company with core sites in two countries and staff in three.  It uses FAIRTIQ to provide a monthly public transport benefit and free trips between sites, which are automatically recognized in the FAIRTIQ system. 


Mercedes offers a transit credit of 40 CHF per month for a year on FAIRTIQ for buyers of its electric and hybrid models in Switzerland. Unused credit expires at the end of every month. A push notification informs the users when they have received their credit in the app.

The Mall of Switzerland

The Mall of Switzerland offered 50% off public transport at busy times. FAIRTIQ knows which stops are in the vicinity of the mall.


Micarna wanted to reduce the number of cars in its parking lot and change its employees’ behaviour towards mobility. With the help of FAIRTIQ, they now offer to all employees free daily commutes between their homes and Micarna’s headquarters.

BOKU University worked with FAIRTIQ to drastically lower the cost of public transport for its students who have to travel to a campus outside Vienna. To benefit from this financial support, all students have to do is download a discount code from their personal BOKU account,and enter it in the FAIRTIQ app. Read about our work with BOKU here.

And more.
Let’s work together to simplify public transport
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