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Travel easily and spontaneously with FAIRTIQ. You start and stop your journey on the app and that's all. FAIRTIQ takes care of the rest!

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NEW: Smart Stop

FAIRTIQ's latest innovation makes it easier than ever to use public transport. 


The 'Smart Stop' feature detects when you have forgotten to end your journey in the app and starts a count-down to check you out.

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Our founding team invites you to the fondue à la FAIRTIQ

Jonas, Michel, Jeremy and Gian-Mattia look back on a time full of visions, progress and enriching encounters. Learn more about the history and origins of FAIRTIQ by watching the film: The Founders Fondue.  

FAIRTIQ - the easiest way to travel

You don’t have to specify either the starting point of your journey or its final destination - FAIRTIQ automatically optimises the costs for the travelled route. Your ticket is always up-to-date and ready, also during mid-journey ticket inspection.


Traveling has never been so easy. Begin and end your journey in the app - that's it! No more tariff zone chaos.


You will always be charged the lowest price for the route you travelled. If your trip exceeds the price of a day ticket, don’t worry, the cheapest day ticket price will be automatically charged. So simple and so fair!

We are 71-year-old car drivers and are now enjoying using public transport, thanks to the FAIRTIQ app.
Congratulations, FAIRTIQ. I am completely thrilled, it is probably the most ingenious development in the field of public transport for decades.
Fredy Sidler
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