Automate public transport benefits

Employee travel that’s easier, cheaper and smarter

Employers and large institutions are often interested in encouraging public transport use for reasons ranging from reducing costs related to fleet vehicles or taxis for intraday business trips, enhancing employee benefits to meeting environmental or regulatory requirements. Or more simply because the parking lot is full!

Buying passes when employees do not travel to work every day can get costly and needlessly onerous to administer.

FAIRTIQ’s features make it a perfect tool to help businesses encourage public transport use.

Employers care about employee travel
Reimburse only specific trips

Instead of purchasing and handling public transport passes, the business can focus on subsidising only specific trips and process public transport credits electronically. These features help obtain the desired behaviour and broaden benefits to employees, customers and visitors at lower cost. 

Define rules for every trip

Employers can provide a monthly credit to users, but can also establish different rules for each type of trip. For example, trips to work and between company sites are free and charged to the company’s account. Discretionary trips are charged to the employee’s credit card, and each employer can decide whether to provide a credit or percentage off as an employee benefit.

Easy to manage

It is easy to add and remove participating staff, and FAIRTIQ provides reports that can be automatically downloaded into enterprise systems. 

Roles can be redefined

The public transport agency can choose its level of involvement, from just accepting FAIRTIQ as a method of payment and accepting regular payments for its services, to being an active partner. 

Reporting tools / Performance dashboard

Reports can be used to prepare submissions to government agencies or ESG organisations, or internally to inform decision makers. 

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Hilti is a machine tool company with core sites in two countries and staff in three. It uses FAIRTIQ to provide a monthly public transport benefit and free trips between sites, which are automatically recognized in the system.
VP Bank
VP Bank was providing transmissible passes for business travel between its two sites during the day. These passes were complicated to administer, so VP Bank partnered with FAIRTIQ to provide free business travel between its sites during 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. FAIRTIQ automatically recognizes these trips
BOKU University
BOKU University worked with FAIRTIQ to lower the cost of public transport for its students who have to travel to a campus outside Vienna. Students now pay €1.90 instead of €9.50 for a one-way ticket, and €3.90 instead of €19.60 for a one-day pass. To benefit from this deal, all students have to do is download a discount code from their personal BOKU account, then go to the VOR public transport agency website and sign up as a test user of the FTQ LAB app. Read about our work with BOKU here.
More revenue opportunities for public transport agencies

FAIRTIQ offers a flexible platform for B2B collaboration, which can generate new funding.

Businesses who want to encourage public transport use to their site - for environmental reasons or simply because the parking lot is full - can also use FAIRTIQ to provide targeted promotions. Businesses can also use FAIRTIQ to reward their customers with a transit benefit even without a motive to reduce car travel.

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The Mall of Switzerland
The Mall of Switzerland offered 50% off public transport at busy times. FAIRTIQ knows which stops are in the vicinity of the mall.
Mercedes offers 40 CHF per month for a year on FAIRTIQ for buyers of its electric and hybrid models in Switzerland. And when it opened, the Mall of Switzerland offered 50% off to public transport visitors on FAIRTIQ. Both promotions were fully funded by the business partners.
The Fribourg Tourism Association
The Fribourg Tourism Association partnered with FAIRTIQ to offer free public transport to hotel guests in the region.
Let’s work together to simplify public transport credits
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