Good news for night owls: ZVV night supplement now in the FAIRTIQ app

Whether you are burning the midnight oil or partying with friends, you can rely on night networks to get you home safely and comfortably. The ZVV night network, which operates across the entire Greater Zurich area from Friday into Saturday and from Saturday into Sunday, has teamed up with FAIRTIQ to make late-night travel even simpler. While we can’t beam you up (yet!), we can help smooth your journey home 😉

Making mobility easy, day or night

If you are a FAIRTIQ user and travel on the ZVV night network, you no longer have to buy a separate night supplement. It is now automatically charged to your FAIRTIQ account. All you have to do is check in before you board and the app will do the rest. No more fumbling around in the dark looking for spare change for the ticket machine, or for your ticket when the ticket inspector appears. The FAIRTIQ app makes sure you have all the documentation you need. A perfect end to a perfect evening! 

Night supplements covered by FAIRTIQ: 


The standard CHF 5 ZVV night supplement is valid across the entire Greater Zurich area. In addition to the ZVV network, it is valid on seven other nighttime networks (A-Welle, Ostwind, Tarifverbund Zug, Tarifverbund Schwyz and Z-Pass as well as night trains running from Zurich to Lucerne).

Watch out! Do not use FAIRTIQ if you are signed up to the ZKB ‘Nachtschwärmer’ service [free night-time travel across the ZVV network] as a night supplement will be (needlessly) charged to your FAIRTIQ account.


The TPF night bus network (FRIMOBIL Network) in the canton of Fribourg.

Safe home, night owls 🦉⭐