The FAIRTIQ Realtime Map

The TEAMWIQ and what it is about

In September 2020, due to the well known situation of COVID-19, we conducted our first virtual team week aka TEAMWIQ at FAIRTIQ. Before that, we used to meet physically once in a year and spent a whole week together, brainstorming, doing workshops and just having fun together. Now plans got cancelled and as most other companies in the world, we had to improvise as well. So instead of a physical TEAMWIQ, we did  a fully remote TEAMWIQ where we were  working on technical & innovative projects in groups for five days. The goal was to think about where FAIRTIQ will head in the future. The most interesting, innovative and fun presentations and projects resulted from this event. After the success of the first virtual TEAMWIQ, we decided to do a second short TEAMWIQ of three days in May 2021 in order to finally implement some of the prototyped projects.

The FAIRTIQ Realtime Map

In the mini TEAMWIQ of May 17th to 20th, three days and two nights of hacking led to the implementation of A realtime map showing the traffic of FAIRTIQ users. 

What you can see in the image is a first sketch of how the final website should look like (originally called

Live FAIRTIQ offers an overview of people traveling with FAIRTIQ in real time. It shows an interactive map where one can choose the country or region that is of interest to them and zoom in and out to see more detailed information. On the left hand side, visitors of the website can see the total number of journeys completed with FAIRTIQ so far, the total number of kilometers travelled with FAIRTIQ so far and the total amount of CO2 saved by travelling with FAIRTIQ in public transportation so far. 

Why did we do this?

We aim to constantly increase the  value of FAIRTIQ for our users. 

We want to delight our users with interesting features and fun.