Every step (swipe) paves the way to a better future:

Do you use public transport? If you answered yes, thank you! Your mobility choices are helping to build a sustainable future. The clothes you choose to buy, the food you choose to eat and the ways you choose to spend your downtime matter too!

At FAIRTIQ, we truly believe that every step counts. A sustainable future is within our reach if we pull together and do our bit, whether big or small!

FAIRTIQ’s traditional prize draw during European Mobility Week will also champion sustainability this year. In more good news, the draw will be open for the entire month of September.  The prizes come courtesy of three innovative FAIRTIQ partners, who have some simple, practical ideas to make your life a little bit greener! Check out this page every Friday during September to find out who the FAIRTIQ Partner of the Week is and swipe once to win great sustainably-sourced gifts.

Together we achieve more
That's how many journeys have already been made by our FAIRTIQ community. Now imagine the positive effect we can achieve if we all take even one small step towards a sustainable future in our everyday lives? 🌍
Trips were made with FAIRTIQ
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Sustainable travel - Sustainable accommodation
Sustainable accommodation. Sustainability is not only about how we travel from A to B, but also how & where we spend the night. Make a conscious decision for sustainable holidays nearby and save up to 50%.
About Hotelcard

Signing up to the Hotelcard programme gives you up to 50% off your stay in more than 500 hotels in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany. There are lots of great choices that cater to all tastes and interests: from a simple mountain hostel in Graubünden to a stylish boutique hotel in Geneva.

Take part now and win a hotel card for 6 months 🎁

Even if you book a room for two, all you need is one Hotelcard. This means your loved ones can also enjoy all the perks of Hotelcard membership. 

Spend the night sustainably

All Hotelcard partners value and champion sustainability. Many have surprised Hotelcard guests with their ingenious ideas for saving energy, protecting the environment and recycling resources. For example, L' Aubier, a EcoHotel in western Switzerland, harvests rainwater and uses it to flush toilets and run its washing machine. Organic and locally sourced produce is now the norm on a growing number of hotel menus, and single-use plastic is quickly disappearing from breakfast buffets and bathrooms.