Benefit now from the neon Q exclusive gift!

Get CHF 10 off the easiest public transport ticket in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and beyond.

With FAIRTIQ, you don’t have to buy a ticket in advance, indicate your destination or struggle to find the right zone. You will always be charged the best available price, once you have completed your journey. It doesn't matter how often you switch directions, or even if you change between trains, buses, trams and boats. With FAIRTIQ there are no hassles, no complications, just smooth and easy travel at fair prices!

How to get your CHF 10:

  • Register to FAIRTIQ here and download the app
  • Give your neon Q card as payment method in the FTQ app
  • Slide and board any public transport in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and beyond
  • If you spend CHF 50 or more on FAIRTIQ by the end of the year with your neon Q card, you will get a refund of CHF 10 to your account
  • In case you already have a FAIRTIQ account, just make sure you are using your neon Q card as payment method - then your refund will happen automatically if you spend CHF 50 or more between September 1st and the end of the year