Jeder Swipe zählt für eine bessere Zukunft

Do you use public transport? If you answered yes, thank you! Your mobility choices are helping to build a sustainable future. The clothes you choose to buy, the food you choose to eat and the ways you choose to spend your downtime matter too!

At FAIRTIQ, we truly believe that every step counts. A sustainable future is within our reach if we pull together and do our bit, whether big or small!

Every year, always from 16 to 22 September, innovative transport solutions are presented and tried out or creative ideas are used to promote sustainable mobility as part of European Mobility Week. With FAIRTIQ, we are also part of this sustainable mobility of the future by wanting to offer everyone, everywhere, the easiest possible access to public transport.

Zusammen erreichen wir mehr
So viele Fahrten wurden von unserer FAIRTIQ-Community bereits getätigt. Stell dir nun vor, welchen positiven Effekt wir erzielen können, wenn wir alle in unserem Alltag auch nur schon einen kleinen Schritt für eine nachhaltige Zukunft tätigen? 🌍
Reisen wurden mit FAIRTIQ getätigt
Travel at least 1 x with FAIRTIQ until 22 September and win FAIRTIQ travel credit

Sustainable travel and public transport are doubly worthwhile during European Mobility Week 2022. 😍 On the one hand, you're doing something good by not using your car. On the other hand, you can also do your wallet a favour.
You can win so easily:

In the next week until 22 September, you only have to check in - travel - and check out once and you're automatically in the draw! 

But that's not all: With each day on which you travel with FAIRTIQ during this week your chances of winning increase! 💸💪