FAIRTIQ - Public transport made easy

With FAIRTIQ you don’t have to buy a ticket in advance, indicate your destination or struggle to find the right zone. You will always be charged the best available price, once you have completed your journey. It doesn't matter how often you switch directions, or even if you change between trains, buses and trams. With FAIRTIQ there are no hassles, no complications, just smooth and easy travel at fair prices!
How it works
Start the journey

Shortly before boarding a vehicle, such as train, bus or tram, simply swipe the "Start" button in the FAIRTIQ app. Your final destination does not need to be entered.

Show the ticket

If a conductor requests ticket validation, click the "Show ticket" button and the QR code will automatically be displayed in the app.

Simply change

Whether you do a short journey or a journey where you need to change between lines, just leave FAIRTIQ activated. No action whatsoever is required on your side, FAIRTIQ manages it all for you!

Stop the trip

Once you have arrived at your destination, swipe the "Stop" button in FAIRTIQ. The optimised cost for your trip is then displayed in the app. 

Forgot to stop the trip? No problem!

There’s no need to worry if you forget to stop your journey in the app - FAIRTIQ will automatically remind you once you have left the vehicle.

For journeys by train, bus or tram.

With FAIRTIQ, you can travel throughout the entire city network of Göttingen (GöVB). FAIRTIQ computes for you the best available fare for your journey.

Offers not supported by FAIRTIQ
Tickets that must be purchased in advance
Class upgrade
Bike tickets
Dog tickets
Tickets for multiple passengers
Travel abroad with FAIRTIQ
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Are you already using FAIRTIQ?

If so, invite your friends to join FAIRTIQ now and we will reward both you and them with a CHF 3.- credit each!

Share your code and ride for free. This is how:

  1. Open the menu in the FAIRTIQ app.
  2. Look for "promotions" and select "free rides".
  3. Scroll down, find your personal code and share it from the app
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