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Together we will continue to move forward - we value our Partners and rely on long-term, honest, trusting and fair partnerships. We are constantly optimising the application, thus offering a modern and customer-oriented product that is appreciated by users.

Proven market success and popular with travellers - The numbers speak for themselves.
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Our public transport experts are here to help get your FAIRTIQ project on track! Our innovative technology and extensive experience mean that we can have the FAIRTIQ simple ticketing solution up and running in your region within a matter of weeks. As well as our impressive partner network, we can design marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your needs. Our marketing expertise and insights will fast-track customer uptake of the simplest, safest and most flexible ticketing solution on the market.

Switzerland, France, Benelux and Italy

Gian-Mattia Schucan
Founder & CEO
Reto Schmid
Business Development Director
Bruno Rohner
Business Development Manager & Corporate Travel

Austria (Salzburg)

Markus Fedra
Business Development Manager Austria

Germany (Berlin)

Paula Ruoff
Business Development Manager Germany
Helena Köfler
Business Development Germany

Asia / Middle East (Singapore, Bangalore)

Julian Rossy
Business Development Manager Asia
Manjunath RS
Business Development Manager India

UK/Nordics (Berlin, Copenhagen)

Simonas Kukšas
Business Development Manager UK/Nordics

North America (Toronto)

Antoine Belaieff
Lead North America
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Meet our public transport partners
Over 40 public transport providers in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany have already adopted FAIRTIQ's innovative ticketing solution. Together, we work tirelessly to realise our vision: sustainable, easy-to-use, efficient and passenger-centric public transport provision.
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