Share your public transport experiences with your loved ones

We have great news for you! In the month of June, you and your companions can ride buses, trains, trams or boats worry-free because they will receive a 50% discount on their next FAIRTIQ journey.

The discount is available in the following regions:
● A-Welle
● TransN
● Appenzeller Bahnen
● Auto AG Schwyz

Get a 50% discount on your companion's next journey with the following promo code:

In Switzerland:
Appenzeller Bahnen: « ABFRIENDS »
Auto AG Schwyz: « AAGSFRIENDS »

In Germany:

Here's how it works:

Enter the promo code in your FAIRTIQ app under Menu > Promotions.
Add your loved ones to your FAIRTIQ app.
Select them before starting the journey and swipe to begin your trip together.

That's it! You've now purchased multiple tickets!
Please note 💡 When you end your trip in the FAIRTIQ app, the original price will be displayed in your FAIRTIQ app under History > Journeys. The discount will appear under History > Promotions and will be later applied to your invoice.

Attention 💡 You will receive a 50% discount on the ticket price for each companion. However, the maximum discount amount per ticket is CHF 5.

Don't miss the opportunity to create new wonderful memories with FAIRTIQ this June. Let's go! 🚌

Here are the answers to your most important questions:

How does the companion mode work exactly? It's simple!

  1. Open your FAIRTIQ app, click on "Companions," and enter the name and date of birth of your loved ones.
  2. Select them before starting the journey.
  3. Swipe in the app to purchase multiple tickets! You can find more information about the companion mode here.

Why do I have to provide the name and date of birth of my companion?  

Our goal is to ensure that we apply the correct fare for your companion and that your journey goes as smoothly as possible. If you cross the border, the companions must meet the requirements of both regions. Therefore, we ask for the necessary information directly. However, rest assured that we do not use sensitive data for other purposes or share it with others.

Why can't I bring dogs and bicycles?

The reason is that in some cases, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the best available price through FAIRTIQ. However, our commitment to providing the best price guarantee is as strong as the familiar swipe gesture in our app.

But here's the exciting news: Our dedicated development team is actively working on expanding companion mode to include dogs, groups, and bicycles. Stay tuned, as these features will be available to you very soon.

Do you have any more questions? You can find additional information in our help center.  

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