5 years leading the ticketing revolution

What do a Swiss cheese fondue and FAIRTIQ have in common?
On the occasion of the anniversary, our founding team looks back on 5 years full of funny stories, many surprises and a lot of work. Just like a Swiss fondue, FAIRTIQ's recipe for success lies in its simplicity and, with the right people, becomes an unforgettable experience. Have fun and enjoy the birthday activities!
"Taking public transport should be simple and fun. What is important is the trip from A to B, not the ticket."
This is the vision that led Gian-Mattia Schucan to found FAIRTIQ five years ago. Since 28 April 2016, Gian-Mattia and his team have worked tirelessly to develop a technology that makes travelling by train, bus and tram as easy as a walk in the park. FAIRTIQ is delighted to invite you to its birthday celebrations. Let's look back on five successful and exciting years but also look forward to a future in which ever more public transport providers and associations join the FAIRTIQ ticketing revolution. Check out how we plan to mark our 5th birthday!
How are you celebrating the anniversary with your team?

Last month we asked you what you would like to know from Gian-Mattia Schucan, the founder and CEO of FAIRTIQ. 

We asked the questions in a very special way and thus present you with the answers in an "Interview without words". Gian-Mattia was only allowed to answer with gestures and facial expressions and got quite animated with one or the other question. Can you guess the answers? 😉

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