Travelling with FAIRTIQ is child's play

Why complicate things when they can be simple? If you travel with FAIRTIQ, you can forget all your worries about finding the right ticket and think about (almost) nothing. Get on board, check in, travel - it can be that simple. FAIRTIQ does the rest for you.

You only have to enjoy your journey yourself.

👉 The ticket is bought with one slide

👉 No thoughts about zones - just drive.

👉 From A to B to C - always at the fairest price.

👉 Available in all of Switzerland and many cities in Germany and Austria
The brilliant app name and app which made my transportation easy and fun.

12.07.2021, App Store
I like 2 things about FAIRTQ, the app chooses the right ticket/price for my journey, the promotions/discounts are attractive. Since I started using FAIRTQ, I have been paying less! It works without any problem and I’m 100 percent satisfied!

Meisam A.
27.07.2021, Google Play Store
Einfach und klar. Und extrem kundenfreundlich.

Philippe H.
30.07.2021, Google Play Store

This is how easy the FAIRTIQ app works

Where is the FAIRTIQ app valid?

With FAIRTIQ, you can always travel with the cheapest ticket available on the entire route network in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In addition, many different regions and cities in Germany and Austria are included in the FAIRTIQ validity area.

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