FAIRTIQ is YOUR ticket for all public transport journeys in Switzerland - and beyond! 😉
Swipe to the right in the FAIRTIQ app and you're already in possession of the best possible ticket. It couldn't be simpler, more flexible and more spontaneous. 🚀

Who has time for fare zones and ticket machines? 👋🏻
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✨ Money Money
Automatic calculation of the best available ticket price
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✨ Mine is yours
Discounted travel thanks to travel bonus and referral credit
✨ Free and flexible
Rapidly growing scope in Europe and beyond
✨ New is always better
Early Bird access to new functions and features
Who invented it? 😉
You're probably asking yourself right now, "Okay - but doesn't that already exist?"
Well - thanks to us. We are a young start-up from Bern and have invented this check-in technology.

All other apps in Switzerland - e.g. SBB EasyRide, ZVV or BLS rely on our check-in technology. Powered by FAIRTIQ. 🚀
Why you should use FAIRTIQ instead of other apps ✨
The brilliant app name and app which made my transportation easy and fun.

12.07.2021, App Store
I like 2 things about FAIRTQ, the app chooses the right ticket/price for my journey, the promotions/discounts are attractive. Since I started using FAIRTQ, I have been paying less! It works without any problem and I’m 100 percent satisfied!

Meisam A.
27.07.2021, Google Play Store
L’application la plus géniale pour les transports publics !

Maria M.
23.09.2021, Google Play Store