An interview without words with Gian-Mattia Schucan

Founder & CEO of FAIRTIQ

It's been almost five years since the first FAIRTIQ users started their journey with a single swipe. Now, almost 25 million journeys later, we asked our FAIRTIQ community to ask our founder Gian-Mattia Schucan questions they always wanted to know about the ticket revolution. Gian-Mattia clearly enjoyed this "somewhat different" interview. The challenge for him was that he was only allowed to answer with gestures and movements. Since a look says more than a thousand words, the "interview without words" gives a different kind of answer, but all the more honest for it. 

Many thanks to our great community, our loyal public transport partners and everyone who has accompanied us on our journey so far. We can't wait to celebrate our 5th anniversary together with you on the 28th of April 2021. The birthday countdown is on...

Until then, enjoy the interview and ACTION!

Gian-Mattia, what kind of music do you like?

What is typical for Switzerland?

What do you feel when you see the panorama of the Bernese Alps?

How did the idea of FAIRTIQ come about? 

Show us your reaction to a new partnership!

How long did it take to program FAIRTIQ? Is it finished?

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Is there a life without FAIRTIQ?
What is the funniest feedback from a FAIRTIQ user?

Show us the FAIRTIQ look!

How many km is the longest distance ever traveled with FAIRTIQ?

What are your strengths?

How are you celebrating the 5th anniversary with your team?
What have you planned for this special occasion?

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