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As the European Mobility Week (September 16th - 22nd) approaches, centred around the theme of "Saving Energy," we're excited to share daily insights on how both we and our public transportation partners are actively saving energy through our Instagram channel. Starting September 1st, expect the following exciting content:

  • 🔍 Sneak peeks behind the scenes at FAIRTIQ and our partner transportation companies.
  • 🌱 Tips and tricks for embracing sustainable choices in your travels.
  • 🧠 Deep dives into the world of sustainable mobility.

We'll be introducing you to our partner transportation companies that have been at the forefront of eco-friendly mobility in their cities. They've long been promoting sustainability and energy efficiency. All it takes is a one swipe to be a part of this journey. Are you ready to make a difference?

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Greta would definitely travel with FAIRTIQ – and not just on Fridays.

Have you ever heard of Slow Traveling? It's all about savouring the journey and immersing yourself deeply in one place.

Explore the following activities with public transportation:

Venture through the Geneva Lake region with TPF: By train, you can not only admire the picturesque landscape of the canton of Fribourg but also indulge in local delicacies like Gruyère cheese and Cailler chocolate.

Journey through the Three-Lakes Region with TransN: Visit the adventure park Parc Aventure Chaumont, located just 15 minutes away from Neuchâtel.

Explore Bern with RBS: Escape the city and head to Büren an der Aare. There, cross the historic wooden bridge connecting the Lengnau community to the Hauptstrasse 22.

Travel through Eastern Switzerland with OSTWIND: Take a train ride through the Thurgau countryside and pass by various breweries along the route.

Discover Central Switzerland with AAGS: Goethe once said the following about the Mythen mountains: Cloud after cloud ascended around these enormous, irregular natural pyramids." See for yourself during a hike through the magnificent mountain landscape.