Every swipe counts.

This month we are part of the European Mobility campaign which is raising awareness for sustainable urban mobility across 400 cities. For this event we want to contribute to the bigger picture and show how impactful the FAIRTIQ community is. Because we believe that every journey counts and that together we can make a real difference by simply choosing public transport.

Let us introduce you to Luise, our inspiring friend and outdoor lover who never misses out on getting the most out of every journey with FAIRTIQ.

Be part of something bigger

Our growing FAIRTIQ community inspires us every day. This month we want to show  how valuable your contribution is and how powerful we are as a community.

Because every journey matters and every trip counts. 🌍

Sustainability is not just about the way we move
Sustainability is also about the way we eat and the way we dress. That is why we joined forces this week with the people behind Nikin who strive for a better world by creating sustainable fashion that is not only affordable but also very impactful. For every purchase Nikin plants a tree via the non-profit organisation "One Tree Planted". Sofar their community planted more than 1.5 million trees worldwide!
Swipe and win!
With FAIRTIQ you can contribute to a better future with a single swipe and win cool prizes. Just follow the participation conditions and win 1 out of 20 Nikin T-shirts. tbd