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Join us as we celebrate "the Art of Public Transport"

We are an innovative, dynamic company that makes travelling by public transport easier than ever before. The FAIRTIQ app offers the simplest, most cost-effective tickets - for travellers, transport authorities and public transport operators. After a greatly successful launch in Switzerland, we are now expanding into new markets. Our ultimate goal is to simplify sustainable mobility internationally.

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Suisse, France, Benelux et Italie

Gian-Mattia Schucan
Founder & CEO
Reto Schmid
Business Development Director
Bruno Rohner
Business Development Manager & Corporate Travel

Autriche (Salzbourg)

Markus Fedra
Business Development Manager Austria
+43 66 43718537

Allemagne (Berlin)

Paula Ruoff
Business Development Manager Germany
Helena Köfler
Business Development Germany
+49 176 72100823

Asie / Moyen-Orient (Singapour, Bangalore)

Julian Rossy
Business Development Manager Asia
Manjunath RS
Business Development Manager India
+91 998 695 15 69

RU/Pays nordiques (Berlin, Copenhague)

Simonas Kukšas
Business Development Manager UK/Nordics

Amérique du Nord (Toronto)

Antoine Belaieff
Lead North America
+1 416 777 06 65
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