Why engineering at FAIRTIQ?
your impact & reach

Work on a product powering millions of trips in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, and Austria and impact the lives of thousands of travelers every day.
modern architecture

Experience continuous delivery, zero downtime, domain-driven design, microservices, NoSQL databases, and more within our startup culture and cross-functional squads.
big vision - big opportunities
Join us to break down international borders using machine learning to enable Smart Stop and Transport Mode Detection. This is just the beginning!
time for innovation

Learn and grow with a group of passionate engineers who challenge each other in regular hackathons to build the best product possible and invent groundbreaking features.
What makes working at FAIRTIQ special?
I like the diversity of concerns that I have to consider when building the FAIRTIQ platform. Resilience, uptime, complex domain logic, security, data streams, algorithms, ML models, team structures, to name just a few. The core of our work is keeping it all simple so that the FAIRTIQ platform can evolve with changing requirements, people and technologies.
Sev - Software architect
We aim to bridge the gap between design and engineering, with a strong emphasis on product. From marketing campaigns in the region to internal user data analysis, we contextualise users’ wishes and behaviours. We do a lot of prototyping, which involves us working closely with the Engineering team and building amazing features together.
Luise - Growth Hacking
As we grow, making sure that the infrastructure continues to provide a rock-solid journey experience and keeping the user experience simple will generate many challenges for us to solve.
Seán - Mobile developer
Making sense of the data collected by the app to extract knowledge, generate insights and take automated decisions across various domains makes FAIRTIQ an exciting and energising place for data science. The culture of exchange deeply embedded within and across teams means everyone is continually learning and growing.
Jean-Eudes - Research engineer
Both the technical and the social aspects of the job are great. I work on interesting, challenging and rewarding topics, alongside a great team and enjoy really accommodating and flexible hours. What's not to like? 🙂
Claude - Backend developer
Fabien, what's it like to be a FAIRTIQ engineer?

"Being a FAIRTIQ engineer means managing the complexity behind the scenes of our incredibly simple product with a lot of passion and perseverance. There are many challenges waiting to be solved, and for people like me who like problem-solving, there are interesting opportunities every day."

"As the entry-level at FAIRTIQ is fairly high, I get to work with exceptional people and talents who inspire and challenge me. I also have the chance to continue my professional development with a dedicated budget to focus on my personal career path and desire to evolve within my role. What I value the most is the work-life balance and flexibility, as it allows me to grow both in my personal and in my professional life."

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The Engineering Culture
At FAIRTIQ, we are proud to have a strong core of engineers managing and developing our product with great professionalism, perseverance and passion. As a FAIRTIQ engineer, you're in charge of the code you write, from architectural design and implementation to testing and deployment, right up to operation and monitoring. Thanks to our familiar team spirit, you feel safe experimenting and making mistakes, and you learn from these experiences in close exchange with your teammates. In order to get better, you challenge your peers and managers, and they challenge you. All this within a supportive and diverse company environment with more than 70 talented and smart people who value trust, respect and have a good sense of humour — not only in our #random Slack channel but also in late-night virtual coding parties.
From Bern to the world

Since our start in 2016 we have our headquarters in the very core of Switzerland’s capital Bern. As we grow and expand into new markets, our talented team is spreading across the world from Berlin to Bangalore, Singapore to Salzburg and Toronto to Zurich. In 2020 we have also found a second tech base in Lisbon.

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