Data analytics & insights

Understand real travel patterns and deliver a seamless experience.

Gain insights into passenger behaviour

Sophisticated data analytics and intuitive insights dashboards allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' travel behaviours and needs. Through customisable app surveys and region-specific travel analytics, you can delve deep into real travel and demand patterns, measure the impact of pricing adjustments and flexibly respond to evolving industry requirements and developments. Ultimately, data analytics and insights from FAIRTIQ data empowers you to effectively refine schedules and resource allocations for an optimised and seamless travel experience. 


The seamless, cost-effective integration of comprehensive automatic passenger counting (APC) data & mobile pay-as-you-go (MPAYG) data into a personalised report gives detailed and in-depth insights into the real user behaviour of your entire network.

Dashboards based on real travel data provide a full analysis of passenger behaviour and create an in-depth understanding of which routes your passengers prefer or avoid when travelling from A to B.

Simple and intuitive surveys in the FAIRTIQ app collect unbiased traveller feedback in real time. This provides immediate insights into the real passenger experience and helps to monitor service performance for an optimal public transport experience.

IC18 - Architecture

Understand real travel patterns

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Measure the impact of pricing adjustments

IC31 - Inspiration

Refine schedules & resource allocations

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