Tariff innovation

Test new and flexible pricing models & reinvent your fare structures.


Refine & innovate fare structures

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Enhance customer experience

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Increase ridership & revenue

Test the tariff of the future rapidly and flexibly

FAIRTIQ's customazible tariff innovation possibilites allow you to test new and flexible pricing models and implement innovative fare structures. Unlike traditional zone-based systems, the FAIRTIQ solution enables the seamless implementation of simplified tariff models across entire regions. Additionally, FAIRTIQ offers you a voucher-based campaign system that allows for the controlled testing of new offerings, such as peak/off-peak pricing, public transport credits, capping, bonuses, and rewards. Like this, you are empowered to refine and innovate your fare structure, enhance the customer experience and significantly increase ridership and revenue.


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Flexible Pricing Innovation to Boost Ridership


Learn how modernising public transport pricing through flexible, technology-driven models can significantly boost ridership and address the evolving needs of urban mobility.

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