Travel by public transport with just one swipe.

With FAIRTIQ, there's no need to plan ahead or know which ticket to buy. Just swipe right, hop on board and enjoy the journey. FAIRTIQ will make sure that you always have the right ticket at hand - no matter where you go and how many times you switch directions.

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How it works

Swipe. Hop on board.

Enjoy the journey.

Swipe to start your journey

Before boarding any public transportation, swipe the "Start" button in the FAIRTIQ app to the right. There's no need to enter your destination.



Show your ticket

In case of a ticket inspection, click the "Show ticket" button and present the QR code displayed in the app.



Transfer whenever you like

Leave your FAIRTIQ journey running and change between connections and vehicles whenever you like. FAIRTIQ recognizes the transfer automatically. 



Swipe to end your journey

Once arrived at your final destination, swipe the "Stop" button in the FAIRTIQ app to the left. FAIRTIQ will automatically find the right ticket combination for all the trips you have made during the day. 



Smart Stop

In case you forget to swipe back

We have your back

Don't worry if you ever forget to swipe back after leaving public transport. FAIRTIQ will detect it and remind you. 

If you need some extra help, turn on Smart Stop in the FAIRTIQ app under menu > settings > travel. Smart Stop will not only remind you, but also end the journey for you in case you forget to do it.

Companion Mode

Get multiple tickets with one swipe

Travel with your loved ones

Thanks to FAIRTIQ's companion mode, you can buy more than just one ticket with one swipe.

  1. Register your companions in the FAIRTIQ app under Menu > Companions.

  2. Select them on the home screen before starting your journey.

  3. Swipe to travel with your loved ones.

The number of possible companions depends on the region you're traveling in.

Already using FAIRTIQ? Don't keep us secret.

Invite your friends and get rewarded


Tell your friends about FAIRTIQ so that they can wave goodbye to complex tariff zones and ticket combinations. 

1. Open your FAIRTIQ app and go to Menu > Recommend FAIRTIQ.

2. Share your personal promo code with your friends. They will get up to CHF/EUR 3 off their first trip.

3. Once they've made their first trip, you will automatically receive a travel credit worth CHF/EUR 3.

The more friends you invite, the more travel credit you receive!

The availability of the referral bonus depends on the region. Check if your app menu shows the "Recommend FAIRTIQ" option.

Offers not yet supported

Keep in mind that there could be special offers in your area that FAIRTIQ doesn't support just yet. Supersaver tickets or class upgrades or tickets  are some examples. When in doubt, check out the details of your region here.  

IC01 - Supersaver


IC02 - Class Upgrade

Class upgrade


Travel in your region and beyond

The FAIRTIQ universe has no limits