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Microincentives For Sustainable Mobility In Europe by FACTUAL

Explore the transformative potential of microincentives in shaping sustainable mobility in Europe.
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Mobility budgets: good for the environment and the economy

Discover how mobility budgets can boost sustainability, employee satisfaction, and business success.
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Comparing Public Transport Fare Systems: Tap-In Tap-Out vs. EMV vs. Mobile Pay-As-You-Go

Comparing public transport fare systems: Tap-In Tap-Out vs. EMV vs. Mobile Pay-As-You-Go. Explore the evolution towards mobile pay-as-you-go solutions for a seamless and efficient travel experience.
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Women in Tech: Working in the public transport industry

Three Italian-speaking women at FAIRTIQ share their experiences working in the public transport industry, discussing challenges and innovations in Italy.
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FAIRTIQ use in Vorarlberg up by a record-breaking 40%

Discover how FAIRTIQ, a mobile pay-as-you-go app in Vorarlberg saw a 40% increase in usage, driving climate-friendly mobility and passenger loyalty.
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Webinar: Data fusion brings new insights into travel patterns

Discover new insights into travel patterns with data fusion in our upcoming webinar. Join us on 19th March and save your spot now!
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A look behind the scenes of the FAIRTIQ partnership

Curious about what makes working with FAIRTIQ so special? We asked some of our partners in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.