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Start your innovation journey by testing & experimenting.

IC07- Fast&easy

Customise & launch your own pilot

IC20 - Innovation-1

Test in an open or closed environment

IC08 - Insights

Gain insights into customer acceptance

Test pay-as-you-go technology and eFares under real-life conditions

Explore the simplicity of FAIRTIQ's technology and its customer acceptance through straightforward live testing in your region. FAIRTIQ's pilot project app allows you to test the features and functionalities of the FAIRTIQ technology in an open or closed environment, while having full control over the scope of the test - from duration, to features, to number of users involved. Customisable pilot phase options guarantee you a swift and easy testing of the technology in your own region, enabling you to start your innovation journey confidently.


Explore our other mobile pay-as-you-go solutions

Are you beyond testing and ready for a full roll-out? Discover our FAIRTIQ app, which is already available in multiple regions and nations, or expand your own app with the FAIRTIQ SDK, which has already been launched in three European countries.  

Smart app functions that fulfil the needs of our users and partners

Smart Stop

Automatic termination of the journey and reduction of customer inquiries

Smart Stop automatically ends your passengers' journey after they have left public transport and moved away from it. An advanced algorithm analyses travel behaviour based on various criteria and automatically checks passengers out if they are no longer travelling by public transport and have forgotten to end their journey in the app. Compliance with various criteria ensures that the journey is not terminated by mistake, allowing passengers to travel worry-free.


companion Mode

Tickets for fellow travellers, dogs and bikes with one swipe

Thanks to FAIRTIQ's "Companion Mode", users can purchase additional tickets for their fellow travellers, dogs and bicycles with a swipe in the app. The possible number of additional tickets depends entirely on the partner. This feature, which is in high demand from users, offers you a flexible solution to improve the passenger experience in your region and inspire your users.

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