Data-driven marketing

Turn your customers into ambassadors and increase ridership.

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Understand customer behaviour

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Increase ridership & customer loyalty


Optimise modal split & grow revenue

Attract new public transport passengers and generate additional consumption

FAIRTIQ offers you a direct communication channel to engage with your customers, as well as a suite of strategic and customisable marketing initiatives aimed at significantly increasing ridership, optimising modal split and driving revenue growth in your region. Applying data-driven learnings from the FAIRTIQ partner network along the whole customer journey, FAIRTIQ supports you to effectively acquire new public transport customers and cultivate them into active, satisfied advocates. Additionally, FAIRTIQ equips you with advanced analytics tools that facilitate to track and measure the impact of marketing measures, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour and ultimately enabling more informed marketing decisions.


Marketing packages

Choose from three FAIRTIQ marketing packages: ESSENTIAL, EXTRA, or INDIVIDUAL. Each package offers services tailored to your company's size, from easily accessible advertising material in our FAIRTIQ Brand Hub to customised in-app promotions. Our marketing experts will help you plan and execute your local marketing campaign.

MGM program

With the "Members-get-Members" (MGM) referral program, you can quickly and easily turn your users into active brand ambassadors. By cleverly incentivizing trustworthy referrals, you can cost-effectively attract new, above-average active passengers to public transport.

Loyalty Bonus

Created on the basis of market experiments and cross-industry best practices, the FTQ loyalty bonus impresses with its intuitive and motivating design. Depending on the number of active days, users benefit from a percentage level discount that is applied to further journeys in the same month - an attractive bridge to your subscription products.

Case study

HAVAG proved that rewarding passengers immediately increased revenue the most - by 20%

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