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Go hardware-free and rapidly implement the FAIRTIQ app, a fully digital postpaid ticketing solution.


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Extend your own app and delight your customers by integrating the FAIRTIQ SDK.


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Start your innovation journey on a small scale with the FTQ Lab app.


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Go hardware-free with the FAIRTIQ app

Rapidly implement a fully digital ticketing solution and significantly reduce maintenance costs


FAIRTIQ's completely hardware-free solution allows you to introduce the easiest public transport ticket, while significantly reducing costs associated with hardware setup and upkeep. By opting for the FAIRTIQ app, you receive a comprehensive package encompassing smart mobile ticketing, software and marketing services. This includes the customer-centric FAIRTIQ app, expertly set-up and maintained by FAIRTIQ, requiring no additional effort from your side. With a swift implementation timeline, you can roll-out the fully fledged digital solution in just a matter of months, offering your customers an up-to-date, sustainable and seamless ticketing experience.

IC07- Fast&easy

Roll-out in
a few months

IC27 - Progress

Delight customers
& increase ridership

IC16 - ExhaustedBudget


Tariff innovation

Test new and flexible pricing models and reinvent your fare structures


FAIRTIQ's customazible tariff innovation possibilites allow you to test new and flexible pricing models and implement innovative fare structures. Unlike traditional zone-based systems, the FAIRTIQ solution enables the seamless implementation of simplified tariff models across entire regions. Additionally, FAIRTIQ offers you a voucher-based campaign system that allows for the controlled testing of new offerings, such as peak/off-peak pricing, public transport credits, capping, bonuses, and rewards. Like this, you are empowered to refine and innovate your fare structure, enhance the customer experience and significantly increase ridership and revenue.


Refine & innovate
fare structures

IC30 -  Passion

customer experience

IC27 - Progress-1

Increase ridership
& revenue

Automated fraud management

Detect fraud and ensure financial integrity


FAIRTIQ's advanced fraud management mechanisms are accredited by the Swiss public transport industry and provide you with a robust defense against ticket fraud. Automated fraud recognition mechanisms identify suspicious travel activities such as late check-ins, early check-outs, and tracking service manipulations, all while mitigating risks associated with missing or erroneous location data, invalid passes and unpaid invoices. Consequently, anomalies in travel behavior can be detected and effectively managed early on, safeguarding revenue streams, ensuring financial integrity and reducing fraudulent behavior in the long run.


Detect & manage
fraud early on


financial integrity

IC24 - Agile

fraudulent behavior

Data-driven marketing

Turn your customers into ambassadors and increase ridership


FAIRTIQ offers you a direct communication channel to engage with your customers, as well as a suite of strategic and customisable marketing initiatives aimed at significantly increasing ridership, optimising modal split and driving revenue growth in your region. Applying data-driven learnings from the FAIRTIQ partner network along the whole customer journey, FAIRTIQ supports you to effectively acquire new public transport customers and cultivate them into active, satisfied advocates. Additionally, FAIRTIQ equips you with advanced analytics tools that facilitate to track and measure the impact of marketing measures, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour and ultimately enabling more informed marketing decisions.

IC26 - TeamSpirit (1)

customer behaviour

IC27 - Progress-1

Increase ridership 
& customer loyalty


Optimise modal split
& grow revenue

Data analytics & insights

Understand real travel patterns and deliver a seamless experience


Sophisticated data analytics and intuitive insights dashboards allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' travel behaviours and needs. Through customisable app surveys and region-specific travel analytics, you can delve deep into real travel and demand patterns, measure the impact of pricing adjustments and flexibly respond to evolving industry requirements and developments. Ultimately, data analytics and insights from FAIRTIQ data empowers you to effectively refine schedules and resource allocations for an optimised and seamless travel experience. 

IC18 - Architecture

Understand real
travel patterns

IC08 - Insights

Measure the impact 
of pricing adjustment

IC31 - Inspiration

Refine schedules
& resource allocations


Extend your own app and delight your customers


Integrate FAIRTIQ's technology seamlessly into your existing ticketing or mobility app. By incorporating the FAIRTIQ SDK (Software Development Kit), you enhance your own app with the leading check-in/check-out technology and delight your customers with a new level of convenience and efficiency. Experience the full functionality of FAIRTIQ's smartphone-based travel recording system, all without the need for hardware. This proven solution is successfully featured in other ticketing apps, such as the Swiss Federal Railways' SBB Mobile App. Elevate your app with a well-established, dependable ticketing technology and seamlessly combine the FAIRTIQ solution with other mobility services for an enhanced and holistic user experience.

IC29 - Joy

Update & elevate
your own app

IC33 - Marketing

Fuel digital shift
& increase ridership

IC19 - Opportunities

Create a holistic 
customer experience

Your pilot with FTQ Lab

Start your innovation journey by testing and experimenting


Explore the simplicity of FAIRTIQ's technology and its customer acceptance through straightforward live testing in your region. FAIRTIQ's pilot project app allows you to test the features and functionalities of the FAIRTIQ technology in an open or closed environment, while having full control over the scope of the test - from duration, to features, to number of users involved. Customisable pilot phase options guarantee you a swift and easy testing of the technology in your own region, enabling you to start your innovation journey confidently.

IC07- Fast&easy

Customise & launch
your own pilot

IC20 - Innovation-1

Test in an open
or closed environment

IC08 - Insights-1

Gain insights into
customer acceptance

Employee mobility

Offer sustainable mobility to your employees at full cost transparency


Empower your employees to travel sustainably by offering them FAIRTIQ's employee mobility budget. Choose from two flexible options - an annual travel budget for unrestricted usage or a monthly allocation - and pay only for credit that has actually been used. This means no expenses if employees don't use their allocated budgets and full cost transparency. All your employees have to do to benefit is install the FAIRTIQ app, register and enter a personal activation code to access seamless mobility at a reduced fare. Transitioning to sustainable travel has never been simpler.


Flexible employee
mobility budget

IC32 - Tarif innovation

Only pay for
used credit

IC35 -  Corporate Travel-1

Support sustainable
mobility at work

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