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A look behind the scenes of the FAIRTIQ partnership

Curious about what makes working with FAIRTIQ so special? We asked some of our partners in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.



Urban mobility is changing and FAIRTIQ is part of the change. What do we want the future of public transport to look like?

A series presented by UITP (International Association of Public Transport) and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.


Interview with 'Le Point'

Anne Mellano, Chief Business Officer, talks with the renowned French magazine about the FAIRTIQ technology, previous projects in France and what makes FAIRTIQ so successful.

The FAIRTIQ technology in brief

A more detailed look behind the scenes of FAIRTIQ. How the technology works, how transport companies can benefit from it and everything we offer.

The success story in Erfurt

CEO of Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe AG (EVAG), Myriam Berg, gives insights into the launch of FAIRTIQ and why she herself is a big supporter of the technology. 

Founders Fondue: A look back

Our founding team invites you to a cosy table talk at the "Founders Fondue" and looks back on the exciting first five years with much enjoyment over a delicious cheese fondue à la FAIRTIQ. Take a look!

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APC💖MPAYG merger: a data enhancement breakthrough

Discover how the merger of APC and MPAYG data is transforming public transport planning. Gain insights into passenger behavior and optimize services with this data enhancement breakthrough.
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Multimodal in Leipzig: Sandy Brachmann on the Role of pay-as-you-go Ticketing and FAIRTIQ

Discover the latest development in Leipzig's transportation system - FAIRTIQ! Join our interview with Sandy Brachmann, Head of Marketing at LVB, as she discusses the successful launch and expectations of pay-as-you-go ticketing. Find out how FAIRTIQ fills a gap in ticketing options and promotes multimodality in Leipzig's transportation landscape.
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2023 in review: better and stronger together

In the past year, FAIRTIQ achieved success through partnerships, innovations, and industry advancements. Despite challenges, collaboration drove solutions, making 2023 highly productive.
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Data protection: a sure thing at FAIRTIQ

ISO 27001 certification confirms FAIRTIQ's unwavering commitment to information security.
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Loyalty pays off

HAVAG fare experiment proves profitability of customer reward programmes
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HAVAG proved that rewarding passengers immediately increased revenue the most - by 20%

Is it possible to offer passengers discounts and generate extra revenue? FAIRTIQ and one of our German partners Hallesche Verkehrs AG (HAVAG) investigated this question as part of a three-month field trial. We wanted to gain insights into how loyalty discounts impact public transport user behaviour of infrequent passengers.
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