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The FAIRTIQ technology not only simplifies traveling with public transport in your local area, but extends its benefits to a multitude of destinations in multiple countries. Forget about deciphering tariff areas or ticket types when visiting a new region or unfamiliar city - just check if the FAIRTIQ technology is available and travel effortlessly with one swipe.

The FAIRTIQ technology might be available in form of the FAIRTIQ app or integrated in a local public transport app. Find out more about the exact validity area of each region here.

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With FAIRTIQ, there's no need to plan ahead or know which ticket to buy. Just swipe right, hop on board and enjoy the journey. FAIRTIQ will make sure that you always have the right ticket at hand - no matter where you go and how many times you switch directions.

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Whether you're curious about how to use the FAIRTIQ app or have questions about your journey's billing, you'll find all the information and more in our Help Center. 

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