FAIRTIQ awarded UK Government G-Cloud 12 Certification

UK public sector organisations use the G-Cloud 12 framework as a digital marketplace to find suitable and approved cloud-based service providers. G-Cloud 12 acts as an agreement between the government and suppliers of cloud services. For public sector organisations, acquiring services through a framework is more efficient than managing several, individual contracts. 

G-Cloud 12 certification will now make it easier for public transport companies and municipalities in the UK to use FAIRTIQ’s innovative GPS-based public transport ticketingsoftware. 

FAIRTIQ offers businesses and organisations a highly scalable, account-based mobile-ticketing solution. It comes with an automatic fare calculation including daily, weekly or monthly price-capping options. Customers can also benefit from the following FAIRTIQ service features: 

  • Hardware-free mobile ticketing solution with little impact on operational costs
  • Digital payment integration in ticketing systems
  • Reliable fraud detection and prevention
  • Data insights on passengers’ mobility behaviour to improve public transport provision
  • Support of seamless multimodal and multileg journeys