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FAIRTIQ, of course!

FAIRTIQ is an innovative mobile ticketing system that makes travelling on public transport easier than ever before. The app allows users to easily check-in and check-out rather than buying a ticket from the driver, at a TVM or a booking office, with all the hassle that that involves.​

At the end of their journey, users are charged the lowest possible price for the actual journey undertaken - whether it is single or multi-leg, or involving more than one operator. Because of low upfront costs, and high customer satisfaction, FAIRTIQ's app offers the perfect solution for all transport companies regardless of size or type.​

The app uses artificial intelligence based bespoke algorithms drawing on many years of experience in public transport and ticketing to build a highly accurate picture of a user’s journey, making the app very accurate and reliable. Available on Apple iOS and all Android versions, FAIRTIQ’s app can be brought into operation quickly and with minimal disruption, as no on-vehicle or on-station equipment is required.

Drive ridership and revenue with FAIRTIQ data
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FAIRTIQ enables innovative pricing and fare structures
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Digital travel credits for your employee
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Significant reduction in costs and resources - no hardware required.
Generation of revenue through specific marketing actions and special offers.
Seamless user-friendly experience.
Ongoing updating and optimisation with no need for new investment.
Hands-off application - ticketing-as-a-service.
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What we use
What we don't use
Location and motion measurement mechanisms tailored to each customers' smartphone.
Expensive and time-consuming convertible installations in public transport vehicles and at stop stations.
Artificial intelligence to continuously update and improve travel and check-out investigations.
Complex connections to the numerous live systems of the established transport companies.
All that FAIRTIQ has to offer
FAIRTIQ is much more than just an innovative ticketing system, it’s also an exciting marketing tool allowing operators to build a strong relationship with their customers. ​ It is ticketing-as-service with a strong Partner community - a uniquely effective all-round package for public transport companies!
FTQ Lab – Individual demo

Would you like to experience everything FAIRTIQ has to offer? If so, the demo app "FTQ Lab" is just what you're looking for!

FTQ Lab offers the chance to decide exactly what you want to test, including for how long and for how many users. You can see for yourself just how easy customer acceptance of our mobile ticketing and the latest tariffs can be by: 

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Straightforward live testing of FAIRTIQ's simple system.
Sampling single features or the complete functional app.
Adapting your company's individual settings within a short time frame.
FAIRTIQ Partnership

Would you like to benefit from FAIRTIQ's advantages while offering your customers a simple and smart ticket solution? If the answer is yes, become a FAIRTIQ Partner now. 

As a Partner, you will become part of our strong Partner community and have access to FAIRTIQ's loyalty programme and FAIRTIQ-operated member-to-member promotions. In addition, membership ensures we will continuously optimise and develop the app specifically tailored to your requirements so that you don't have to worry about a thing! Other membership benefits include: 

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Immediate accessibility without unnecessary installations or conversions.
An all-in-one ticketing, software and marketing service.
A customer-oriented up-to-date app powered by FAIRTIQ that requires absolutely no maintenance or effort on your part.
SDK inApp – Your app, our technology

Would you like to utilise FAIRTIQ's innovative ticketing technology in your own app? SDK inApp offers the opportunity to do exactly this. 

The integration of the SDK (Software Development Kit) gives the complete FAIRTIQ functionality of a smartphone-based travel recording system with no hardware required. Its benefits have already been tried and tested and proven to be successful - so successful, in fact, that the SDK inApp is already featured by the Swiss Federal Railways in its SBB Mobile Preview App. If you were to join those who have already found the SDK inApp an indispensable tool, you will be able to:

Illustration / sdk Created with Sketch. Your app SDK
Extend your own app with an established, reliable and innovative ticketing technology.
Have access into the FAIRTIQ Partner community.
Combine FAIRTIQ with other mobility services for an improved user experience.
Additional advantages of FAIRTIQ products

Additional advantages of FAIRTIQ products. Our products allow you to test new prices and tariff models directly within the market. They also make it possible to derive important operational and commercial information by utilising existing current travel data simulations. Many other opportunities and variations are available from FAIRTIQ, including:

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Gathering and disseminating operational and commercial data through trials and simulations.
Numerous suggestions for a range of alternative uses, e.g. employee mobility.
Completely automated smart solutions.
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A market proven solution and popular
As a technology partner of SBB, FAIRTIQ is able to fully satisfy SBB in the implementation of Automatic Ticketing (EASYRIDE). FAIRTIQ's proactive and accurate work during the integration of the FAIRTIQ-SDK into the SBB Preview App formed the basis for a successful and hassle-free implementation of the project. The FAIRTIQ team was able to convince with its expertise in public transport specific topics and ensured a perfect communication and cooperation during the whole project.
Markus Basler, Director Digital Business @ Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
The Rhaetian Railway is a high-performance company in leisure, commuter and freight transport. With its unique mountain routes, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Glacier Express and Bernina Express, the Rhaetian Railway has guaranteed fascinating railway experiences right across the Canton of Grisons since 1889. Traveling with FAIRTIQ is just as fascinating and easy. We have met a customer need with the app and are consistently implementing the Mobile Shift in sales. With FAIRTIQ, we have found a partner who has a great deal of industry knowledge and supports us optimally in the age of digitization.
Renato Fasciati, Director @ Rhaetian Railway (RhB)
FAIRTIQ Lab perfectly matches our needs to further develop the current tariff and test the effects of its adaptions in reality. The speed of FAIRTIQ's response to unexpected developments and adaptations must be highlighted. FAIRTIQ can be fully recommended as a partner.
Sascha Triemer, Head of Tariff / Disribution @ Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS)
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