FAIRTIQ goes to the BBC: new film series explores future of public transport

November 24, 2022 FAIRTIQ goes to the BBC: new film series explores future of public transport

Bern, 23 november 2023. Where is the public transportindustry heading? What direction is public transporttaking? What can and should operators do to make public transport a more attractive option for all? ‘The Way We Move’, an engaging series of short videos presented by the UITP and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, explores these questions and more. In one ofthe films, FAIRTIQ sets outits vision of simple, flexible mobility, and shows that mobility and dancing have much in common.

'The Way We Move' is the brainchild of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). The aim of this series of short films is to highlight where and how greener, more inclusive and connected mobility solutions are emerging across the globe. According to the UITP, the fundamental question that the exquisitely produced series seeks to address is,"What do we want the future of public transport to look like?"

Of UITP's 1,800 members, a total of 21 took part in the initiative, including FAIRTIQ, the Swiss eTicketing start-up. According to FAIRTIQ CEO and co-founder Gian-Mattia Schucan,"We are proud to be part of this visually stunning series." During his on-screen appearance, Schucan sets out the company's vision of providing the simplest way to everyday mobility for everyone, everywhere, courtesy of the FAIRTIQ app. The FAIRTIQ film also features professional dancer Helena Kate Armor, who talks about why mobility and flexibility play a vital role in her professional and private life,"The great thing about travelling and dance is that it has many similarities: it is all about momentum." She also shows how FAIRTIQ gives her the freedom to take trips to inspiring places or visit friends without any forward planning or worries about having the right ticket,"I basically swipe, just hop on a train, and it's all been taken care of."

The short five-minute film was shot by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions in Bern, FAIRTIQ's home city. The Swiss capital is one of 18 major cities around the world, including Singapore, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and London, whose steps to shape the mobility of tomorrow are showcased in the series. All episodes can be viewed on a special BBC microsite. Alternatively, you can watch the FAIRTIQ film here.