FAIRTIQ is offering an off-peak feature for the first time in Geneva

March 07, 2023 FAIRTIQ is offering an off-peak feature for the first time in Geneva

Geneva / Bern, 07 March 2023. FAIRTIQ once again demonstrates its technological strength in its home market. The Swiss mobility start-up has developed an off-peak feature for Geneva's public transport system and integrated itinto the app. Travellers can use itto automatically save money during off-peak hours.

"One of our greatest strengths is being able to offer our partners specific solutions that are closely aligned with their particular needs and goals," says Gian-Mattia Schucan, founder and CEO of FAIRTIQ. In fact, in addition to its basic features - starting to record costs by swiping on your smartphone, automatically determining the route and the correct ticket - the eTicket app contains different additional features depending on the area of travel. A capping feature has been integrated practically everywhere: most FAIRTIQ partners automatically cap the cost of a day's travel at the price of a day ticket. What’s more, in some regions capping is already offered on a weekly or monthly basis.

For German partners, FAIRTIQ temporarily integrated the 9-Euro ticket in the summer of 2022, and marketing campaigns for specific occasions are also repeatedly integrated into the app. Most recently, passengers were able to travel free of charge to the Christmas market in Halle (DE), for example, or to the Dorf-Fyrabig concerts in Schwyz and Brunnen (CH). Staggered price reductions for frequent travellers can also be well-implemented using FAIRTIQ technology.

This also applies to the new off-peak solution that FAIRTIQ is implementing with the Geneva Public Transport Association unireso. For the first time in the unireso transport network, FAIRTIQ users in zone 10 (“Tout Genève”) will receive a discount if they regularly use public transport during off-peak hours. Those who travel at least ten times in a month during off-peak hours (19:00 to 06:59 or 09:00 to 15:59 Monday through Friday) will receive a 20% discount on any off-peak trip the following month. The offer is aimed primarily at flexible people who do not want to commit in advance when choosing a ticket and still want to benefit from advantages for frequent travellers. In this way, it directly contributes to FAIRTIQ’s mission of making travel on public transport as flexible and easy as possible. In addition, transportation capacity can be better structured, which results in an improved customer experience and is beneficial for transport companies in terms of staffing and supply planning.

About unireso
unireso aims to simplify mobility in zone 10, which covers the whole canton of Geneva, by offering a single, simple and coherent fare, which was born out of consultation in 2001 between the three operators of the fare communities (CFF, tpg and Mouettes genevoises) and the authorities (Republic and Canton of Geneva).