The simplest public transport ticket lands in the Zlín Region

June 18, 2024 The simplest public transport ticket lands in the Zlín Region

Zlín, 18.6.2024. Stop worrying about ticket prices, where to buy them, or even carrying cash. The Zlín Region Public Transportation Authority (KOVED) has partnered with Swiss tech leader FAIRTIQ to bring you a seamless travel experience. With the new FAIRTIQ app launching on July 1 2024, Zlín Region Integrated Transportation (IDZK) is now the first in the Czech Republic to offer this convenient mobile pay-as-you-go (MPAYG) system.

Upon boarding, just swipe on your smartphone and receive a valid ticket. The app takes care of the rest, automatically calculating the best fare using location technology. If you forget to check out, the "Smart Stop" function does it for you. "The system recognises the route and calculates the right fare based on distance," says Martin Štětkář, managing director of KOVED. No matter how many trips you take, the price is capped at the cost of a day ticket. Plus, with the companion function, you can buy tickets for up to four travel buddies.

The FAIRTIQ app makes it easy to use buses, trolleybuses, and trains across the Zlín region, including services in Zlín thanks to the participation of the Zlín–Otrokovice Transport Company. "With FAIRTIQ's innovative technology, public transport in the Zlín Region will become even more convenient and attractive," says Radek Doležel, deputy governor for transport. The Zlín region has put significant effort into enhancing the quality of public transportation services. "Modernising the payment method was a major challenge. Implementing FAIRTIQ is the cornerstone of the new user-friendly check-in options we plan to introduce by the end of this year," adds Martin Štětkář.

"We are thrilled that citizens in and around Zlín can now use our straightforward solution for public transport," says Gian-Mattia Schucan, founder and co-CEO of FAIRTIQ. The FAIRTIQ app is already popular in many regions across Europe, and users in and around Zlín will benefit too. They can indeed use the app to travel on buses and trains throughout Switzerland and several areas in neighbouring countries.

As mentioned earlier, FAIRTIQ will always calculate the best price for each journey. In practice, this means that the user will only ever pay for the shortest logical connection. “For example, the Zlín – Vsetín route is served by direct bus lines 110 (via Valašská Polanka), 120 (via Jasenná), 130 (via Slušovice), and 140 (via Hošťálková) with distances varying between 36 and 42 kilometres. With FAIRTIQ, the price remains 57 CZK, no matter the route," explains Martin Štětkář, Director of KOVED, adding, "FAIRTIQ will become the first channel selling our “next-generation” tickets, whereby a uniform amount is applied to trips between two points, regardless of the route taken."

Price list for selected routes - standard fare

Zlín – Vsetín (including urban public transport in both cities)

57 CZK

Zlín – Uherské Hradiště (including urban public transport in both cities)

46 CZK

Valašské Meziříčí – Vsetín (including urban public transport in Vsetín)

36 CZK

Bystřice pod Hostýnem – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

68 CZK

Within Zlín, Otrokovice, and Želechovice nad Dřevnicí - up to 30 minutes

18 CZK

Within Zlín, Otrokovice, and Želechovice nad Dřevnicí - up to 60 minutes

24 CZK

Within Uherské Hradiště, Staré Město, and Kunovice - up to 45 minutes

15 CZK

Within Vsetín - up to 45 minutes

15 CZK


About IDZK and KOVED

Zlín Region Integrated Transportation (Integrovaná doprava Zlínského kraje, IDZK) connects public transportation modes in the Zlín region and its immediate surroundings. Buses, regional and long-distance trains, and urban public transport come together to form a comprehensive system with a single tariff, coordinated timetables and connections, and an instantly recognizable design. The goal is to create comfortable and competitive public transportation and to raise the region’s quality of life. KOVED (Koordinátor veřejné dopravy Zlínského kraje / Zlín Region Public Transportation Authority) is responsible for the system’s operation and development.



FAIRTIQ is a Swiss company with the mission to make it as easy as possible to travel by public transport. The ticketing app and technology, developed and operated by FAIRTIQ and accredited based on strict quality criteria, can already be used across the entire public transport system in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as in parts of Germany, Austria and France. FAIRTIQ recently launched a nationwide ticketing app in Denmark.

Over 130 employees are involved in the operation and ongoing development of the product. FAIRTIQ was founded by Gian-Mattia Schucan in 2016 and is a private limited company with headquarters in Bern.

With over 160 million journeys in total, FAIRTIQ is the world’s most successful check-in/check-out solution available for iPhone and Android. FAIRTIQ’s partners include public transport companies and associations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and France. Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) uses the technology operated by FAIRTIQ in its own app, EasyRide, and Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) also uses FAIRTIQ technology in its app. 

FAIRTIQ users help save more than 26 million tons of CO2 emissions per year through choosing public transport over higher emission modes of transport. This is equivalent to the yearly average CO2 emissions of over 6,600 Swiss inhabitants.