13 December 2021

Interview zum Pilotprojekt mit Monats-Capping am Genfer See

Interview zum Pilotprojekt mit Monats-Capping am Genfer See

Has the monthly fare cap caused waves on Lake Geneva? Interview with CGN

The Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le Lac Léman (CGN) has joined forces with FAIRTIQ to offer its customers on both sides of Lake Geneva a monthly fare cap. Users of the N1 Lausanne-Evian, N2 Lausanne-Thonon and N3 Nyon-Yvoire services no longer have to worry about how often they want to take the boat.

The monthly upper limit depends on the service used and the number of journeys made. In addition, the monthly cap applies to both 1st and 2nd class tickets.

Interview with Florentine Baron Pailhès, Sales and Marketing Director at CGN

FAIRTIQ: Why did you decide to introduce a flexible fare model, which includes a monthly fare cap, and why FAIRTIQ?

Florentine Baron Pailhès:

It was a pragmatic move on our part to choose a partner who has developed a leading edge and proven technology. Also, the intuitive and user-friendly interface of FAIRTIQ's solution constitutes, in itself, a value-added service for our customers. We felt it would be more efficient, effective, responsive and safer to bring a partner on board rather than develop our own model. Added to this are the really interesting tracking possibilities and dashboards that come with FAIRTIQ's solutions.


FAIRTIQ: What outcomes do you expect the product to generate?

Florentine Baron Pailhès:

We want to encourage our customers to start using public transport on a regular basis again. More broadly, we want to play our part in driving the modal shift away from private vehicles to public transport.


FAIRTIQ: You have said that CGN is responsive to its customers' needs? What changes have you observed and what do customers now want from public transport services?

Florentine Baron Pailhès

At the moment, our customers cannot really plan their journeys in advance, which means that many are less likely to commit to buying a monthly travelcard. A monthly fare cap offers them the same benefits as a travelcard without having to pay upfront. I think that our customers generally want flexibility and a wide variety of fare options that better reflect how they use our services.


FAIRTIQ: Would you advise other public transport companies to introduce a monthly fare cap? If so, why?

Florentine Baron Pailhès:

I can't answer that question until I see the results of our pilot project! However, what I can say is FAIRTIQ's solutions make it extremely easy and quick to implement.


FAIRTIQ: What three words would you use to describe your experience with FAIRTIQ?

Florentine Baron Pailhès:

Efficient, responsive, positive.


FAIRTIQ: Going forward, what do you expect from your partnership with FAIRTIQ?

Florentine Baron Pailhès:

Working together to offer our customers new options and possibilities.


Thank you for this Interview Ms Baron Pailhès!

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