30 October 2020

FAIRTIQ Mitarbeitergespräch mit Bruno Rohner zu Unternehmenskooperationen

FAIRTIQ Mitarbeitergespräch mit Bruno Rohner zu Unternehmenskooperationen

Delivering flexible corporate travel solutions

Exceptional times call for exceptionally innovative action and solutions. FAIRTIQ not only counts over 30 different transport companies in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany as partners, but also offers businesses bespoke solutions designed to optimise employee mobility. 

Given the challenges that this year has brought, the FAIRTIQ team is more determined than ever to help companies minimise their costs and motivate their workforce to switch to public transport. 

In the following interview, Bruno Rohner, Head of B2B and point of contact for all corporate cooperation queries at FAIRTIQ, outlines what our company can offer other businesses. 


What prompts companies to work with FAIRTIQ?

Bruno Rohner: 

"Many companies already have sustainability and mobility policies in place which push them to cut their CO2 emissions. 

The pandemic also forces employers to offer their workforce more flexibility in terms of their mobility. Working from home and the economic headwind mean that businesses need simple yet innovative corporate mobility solutions. The pay-per-use model that FAIRTIQ offers has gone down well with our business customers."


"Companies have needs that public transport providers cannot meet. This is where we come in by offering them a simple solution."


Can you talk about some of the companies that FAIRTIQ has worked with to date?


Bruno Rohner: 

"FAIRTIQ has already worked with lots of companies, including HILTI, TAG Heuer, Micarna and Mercedes. No matter what the business is, we always develop a bespoke solution that meets the given customer's needs." 


Can you talk about your work with tool manufacturer HILTI?

"HILTI has a number of sites all of which are close to the Swiss, Liechtenstein and Austrian borders. We therefore came up with a digital solution that makes it easy for Hilti personnel to travel on public transport between the company's different sites.

The app automatically detects when the user has checked in not far from a HILTI site.

The company also runs a points-based benefit system that lets employees redeem the points they have collected into credit for their FAIRTIQ account. 

HILTI is committed to encouraging its staff to leave their cars in the garage and take public transport instead. At FAIRTIQ, we offer the company the technology to make this happen."


FAIRTIQ has also developed a solution for the Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer. Can you explain what it is?

Bruno Rohner: 

“TAG Heuer credits a certain amount to its employees' FAIRTIQ accounts, who are then free to use it to pay for their public transport use throughout the year. 

To activate this credit, TAG Heuer staff simply have to enter a promotion code on the FAIRTIQ app. After that, they are free to use the credit however they want. The company wants to reduce car use and increase public transport use among its workforce."


What do you think corporate cooperation will look like for FAIRTIQ in the years to come?

Bruno Rohner:

"What we want in the future is for companies themselves to sign up their employees and decide which journeys can or cannot be billed to the employer.

We currently handle each project individually which affords us a great deal of latitude. However, as demand for our services grows, we would like to boost the efficiency of this process and make it as easy as possible for companies to give their staff access to FAIRTIQ's solutions."

About Bruno Rohner: 

Bruno Rohner and FAIRTIQ CEO Gian-Mattia Schucan met when both worked for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). 

As a former station manager, Bruno has firsthand experience of dealing with sales channel challenges. Today, he combines his knowledge of traditional and digital sales in his work for FAIRTIQ.  He was immediately won over by the FAIRTIQ solution and is currently in charge of corporate cooperation at the start-up.


If you would like more information about our corporate cooperation services or already have a bespoke corporate mobility solution in mind, contact Bruno Rohner at  b2b@fairtiq.com or +41 796 118 455.