7 February 2024

Multimodal in Leipzig: Sandy Brachmann on the Role of pay-as-you-go Ticketing and FAIRTIQ

Multimodal in Leipzig: Sandy Brachmann on the Role of pay-as-you-go Ticketing and FAIRTIQ

In today's interview, we take a look at the latest development in the Central German Transport Association (MDV) – the introduction of FAIRTIQ. Since December 2023, this innovative digital mobile pay-as-you-go (MPAYG) ticketing solution has been available to passengers throughout the MDV area. We have invited Sandy Brachmann, Head of Marketing at Leipzig Transport Services (LVB), to discuss the launch and expectations for the project.


3 questions for Sandy Brachmann, Head of Marketing at Leipzig Transport Services


FAIRTIQ: FAIRTIQ has been available throughout the Central German Transport Association (MDV) since December 2023. How was the launch, and what are your expectations?

Sandy Brachmann: FAIRTIQ has been successfully used in the city of Halle since 2019 and has now launched as a pilot project throughout the MDV area. With this, we offer a simple digital solution to travel from A to B at the best price in Leipzig and the entire MDV area. The start went smoothly. Since the system-wide launch, we have already seen 1,000 new registrations in MDV and an increase in trips by over 10%, even though we did minimal marketing. The initiative is part of the pilot project "STADTLand+ Mitteldeutschland vernetzt" (CITYLand+ Central Germany connected). The goal is to gather user experiences and technical insights for future developments.

FAIRTIQ: What role does FAIRTIQ play in the distribution landscape of LVB and the association?

Sandy Brachmann: FAIRTIQ, as an additional digital ticketing solution, provides travellers with an easy and flexible way to purchase and use tickets. It fills a gap between time based tickets where passengers must decide on a ticket in advance and the pay-as-you-go tariff. We see potential, especially for passengers who use public transport irregularly and may not be familiar with the ticket offerings. From the pilot project, we want to gain insights on how to ideally integrate Check-In/Be-Out Ticketing into our distribution landscape in the future.

FAIRTIQ: LVB strongly emphasizes multimodality - how does Check-In/Be-Out Ticketing fit into this?

Sandy Brachmann: Multimodality refers to the use of various modes of transportation (e.g., public transport, bike sharing, car sharing, etc.). Check-In/Be-Out Ticketing makes it easier for users to spontaneously switch between different modes of transportation, including using public transport effortlessly. It contributes to promoting multimodality by integrating public transportation as a spontaneous option in the mobility mix. Therefore, we intend to offer other transport modes alongside the FAIRTIQ app in our multimodal mobility (MaaS) app.

A heartfelt thanks to Sandy Brachmann from Leipzig Transport Services (LVB) for providing initial insights into the implementation of FAIRTIQ in the MDV area and perspectives on the future of digital mobility. For more information on the FAIRTIQ app in the MDV, visit the official MDV website