13 July 2020

FAIRTIQ-Launch im Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach (RVL)

FAIRTIQ-Launch im Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach (RVL)

Digital ticketing arrives in Baden-Württemberg

FAIRTIQ continues to extend its reach beyond Switzerland, recently welcoming two new members from Germany– the Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT) and the Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach (RVL) – to its fast-growing family. 

On 1 July 2020, FAIRTIQ's simple and convenient digital ticketing solution launched in Lörrach. What this means for travellers on the RVL network is that the right ticket is now only two swipes away.

Coronavirus no obstacle to FAIRTIQ launch

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, FAIRTIQ and RVL had planned to develop the project remotely. From the kick-off to launch day in Lörrach, we never held any in-person meetings. Instead, weekly calls and dynamic communication ensured that we could continue to work as efficiently as before and react quickly to any changes that arose; the lockdown made it all the more important to remain up to date on the latest developments. We worked really well together and problem-solving was always swift and constructive.

Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, the Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach and FAIRTIQ were able to keep to their original schedule, providing travellers in the region with a digital ticketing solution exactly when it said it would.


“At the end of last year RVL decided to implement the FAIRTIQ solution in 2020. In doing so, travellers across our network would have the option of purchasing one-way tickets using simple, user-friendly, contactless and cashless check-in/check-out technology. Of course, it would have greatly helped if the app had already been up and running during the first months of this year, but unfortunately coronavirus stole a march on us...”

Frank Bärnighausen, Managing Director, Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach


Convenient and fair eTicketing courtesy of FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ app users benefit from exclusive discounts on their one-way tickets: from 27% reduction for an adult standard fare and 35% for a child standard fare.


Border-free travel with FAIRTIQ

The Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach is a transport provider in Baden-Württemberg, a region of southwest Germany which partly lies on the border with Switzerland. Thanks to the FAIRTIQ app, cross-border travellers no longer need multiple tickets. FAIRTIQ has developed an innovative check-in/check-out technology that generates a valid public transport ticket with two swipes on your smartphone: one before you board, the second when you reach your destination. Simple and hassle-free, exactly how FAIRTIQ wants public transport use to be for everyone.


If you would like to find out more, why not register for our upcoming webinar:

Facilitating public transport use across fare networks and countries – opportunities and challenges of check-in/check-out technology


Date: Thursday 23 July 2020, 3 – 3.30 pm

Speaker: Reto Schmid, Director Business Development 

Language: German

Platform: Zoom