17 June 2020

Hiking, paragliding, boating and fondue eating with FAIRTIQ | FAIRTIQ

Hiking, paragliding, boating and fondue eating with FAIRTIQ | FAIRTIQ

Hiking, paragliding, boating and fondue eating with FAIRTIQ

Welcome to Switzerland - Nature Wonderland. The FAIRTIQ family loves Hiking, Biking, Boating, Paragliding, Cruising, Fondue Eating and more. Wanna join our family? Let me guide you through how FAIRTIQ and other tools will make your adventures more comfortable.

Hiking with FAIRTIQ

Hiking is Swiss peoples’ favourite summer activity. I recently hiked up the beautiful Säntis from Wasserauen, along the Seealpsee. Have a look at my picture: the antenna in the back is my destination. Impressive, huh? More info about this hike on the following link.

  • FAIRTIQ took care of selling me the right ticket to Wasserauen and back from Schwägalp. So easy and comfortable
  • Did you know that you can use FAIRTIQ on many mountain trains and cable cars? For example, go up to Zermatt, Bettmeralp or Stoos with FAIRTIQ. More info on this link.
  • Check the Swiss Official Maps from Swisstopo, available on this link.  

Biking with FAIRTIQ

I am a big VTT enthusiast (mountain bike - by the way, I like going up more than going down). In this picture, my sister, who also takes care of the FAIRTIQ’s customer service, and I are mountain biking in the Alps in the canton of Fribourg. Around the majestic mountain called "Moléson": a gorgeous place. However, my number one VTT destination is Le Jura, especially La Vallée de Joux. I usually take the train to Le Pont and then bike up to Le Mont Tendre. My reward: a delicious fondue in the “Buvettes d’Alpage”. 

  • FAIRTIQ will make sure you get the best price for your public transport journey. 
  • Make sure to also get a Bike Day Pass. It only costs CHF 14.00.  
Julian and Leonie biking in Switzerland

Swimming and Boating down the Aare with FAIRTIQ

Aare you ready? The Aare is the favourite playground of all natives of Bern. Did you know that FAIRTIQ is also from Bern? We often go for a quick Aare-Swim at the Marzili over lunch. So thrilling to swim around the Parliament Building.Jeremy, our Head of Operations, loves boating down the Aare from Thun to Bern. After a short train hop, he and his friends take their inflatable boat and enjoy the way down to Bern… As quickly as possible, but as slowly as necessary!

  • Check-in, travel, check-out. FAIRTIQ got you covered for your journey to Thun-Schwälbis and back from Bern Eichholz.
  • Find more information about boating on the Aare on the following link
Our COO Jeremy Naylor on the Aare

Paragliding with FAIRTIQ

Last week, a paraglider friend told me:“When I go flying, I always know it starts, but I never know where I will land. Thanks to FAIRTIQ, I don’t have to worry about it: I always find a bus that brings me back to my departure point.“
I never tried paragliding… I am a bit scared. Last year, I received an email from a loyal FAIRTIQ customer, Mathieu Arlettaz, who owns a paragliding school. He tried to convince me to try… I’ll consider. He also is a photographer and sent me some beautiful shots of his flight. Mind-blowing, right?  

Over the clouds

Cruising and Fondue Eating with FAIRTIQ

I am among those who believe that there is no season for fondue. While I love having a Fondue Moitié-Moitié in the mountain Buvettes d’Alpage, I also highly recommend having it at La Plage de Lutry by the lake, on a warm summer night (make sure to try their Chocolate Moelleux as well!). 

  • To reach there, I enjoy riding on a CGN boat from Montreux to Lutry along Lavaux. FAIRTIQ is valid aboard most scheduled boats around the country.

And more…

FAIRTIQ is the perfect partner for your Nature Wonderland adventures in Switzerland. Prepare your hiking shoes, your waterproof bags, your picnics, check-in on FAIRTIQ, jump aboard the next train and enjoy the ride in our impressive public transport system. FAIRTIQ got you covered.

We at FAIRTIQ are very adventurous. This is why we are building a seamless ticketing solution to get to our playgrounds faster. Got more questions? Ask our team members via feedback@fairtiq.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.