12 August 2019

LINZ AG LINIEN - Welcome to the FAIRTIQ family

LINZ AG LINIEN - Welcome to the FAIRTIQ family
Travelling by public transport in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, as well as parts of Austria and Germany couldn’t be easier thanks to the FAIRTIQ mobile ticketing app. FAIRTIQ is delighted to announce that the Austrian city of Linz is the latest to embrace this innovative public transport ticketing solution. The FAIRTIQ family is growing! 

Global expansion in full swing

FAIRTIQ has been valid across Switzerland’s entire public transport network for over a year. Buoyed by success in the home market, the Bern-based start-up set its sights on taking its mobile ticketing app global. The ambitious strategy is already bearing fruit. In recent weeks and months, FAIRTIQ has expanded into parts of Austria (Vorarlberg) and Germany; soon they will be joined by the Finnish city of Turku as well (see press release from 13.06.2019). Once users have downloaded the FAIRTIQ app, they will be able to buy a bus, train or tram ticket with a swipe, or two, on their smartphone.  

Rising number of users and partners

In less than three and a half years, the FAIRTIQ app has calculated over 6 million fares, and the number of users and partners continues to grow. In May 2019 German public transport operator Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (GöVB) entered the FAIRTIQ fold. Feedback has been incredibly positive since the ticketing app was introduced there a mere three months ago. Having first launched in the Austrian region of Vorarlberg, FAIRTIQ is set to welcome another Austrian partner: LINZ AG LINIEN, the public transport provider of the largest city in Upper Austria. 

Hassle-free travelling in the city’s central zone

The FAIRTIQ app is currently valid in the central travel zone of Linz, including the city’s Pöstlingbergbahn [cable car network]. Only the regional bus network and the tram network run by the Upper Austrian Transport Authority are not covered. The FAIRTIQ app offers three types of tickets for Linz: “Mini”, “Midi” and “Maxi” (short distance, normal single ticket and 24 hr ticket, respectively). It also correctly calculates tickets for children and young people by age and factors in discounts when working out the best fare. 

In this sense: "Griaß eich in Linz und guade Fahrt mit FAIRTIQ!"

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