Webinar: Mobile ticketing as platform...

Mobile ticketing as platform for partnerships, driving new ridership and revenue

Generating new revenue streams through partnerships with employers, academic institutions and large trip generators beyond the sale of monthly passes.

Find out how employers or large institutions like universities can target subsidies to specific geofenced trips (like trips to/from or between its sites, down to specific bus stops) or providing a set budget or discount. Large destinations such as airports, stadiums or malls can provide geofenced and time-bound discounts to their sites. More partners can afford to participate since they only pay for the trips that matter to them. Agencies get more ridership and revenue.

Date: July, 27th 2021

9:00 am Pacific/12:00 noon Eastern/5:00 pm London/6:00 pm Berlin

Language: English

Speaker:  Helena Köfler, Business Development, Germany & Antoine Belaieff, Lead North America

Plattform: Zoom

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