5 February 2019

On the road with the Swiss payment app TWINT | FAIRTIQ

On the road with the Swiss payment app TWINT | FAIRTIQ

On the road with the Swiss payment app TWINT

With more than 1’000’000 registered users, TWINT is the most widely used payment app in Switzerland. Currently, 73 Swiss banks offer TWINT as a mobile payment solution to their clients. The advantage is that customers can pay direct from their bank account in ecommerce, at the cash register and now also in the FAIRTIQ app.

FAIRTIQ’s vision is to provide «The simplest way to everyday mobility for everyone, everywhere.» Everyone should be able to use FAIRTIQ, regardless of whether they have a credit card. With the launch of TWINT we are one step closer to our vision.

User-centric focus

The FAIRTIQ community is known not only for traveling actively, but also for providing valuable feedback. We are proud of our strong relationship with our users. Both TWINT and Reka were requested by customers as means of payment and have since been integrated into the FAIRTIQ app - our users travel experience is our priority.

How it works

You already have the FAIRTIQ app installed on your phone and you want to change your method of payment? Nothing’s easier than this! Open Settings in the app menu (☰) and then tap your current payment method to update the mode of payment.

If you're still on the road without using FAIRTIQ (which we certainly hope it’s not the case), it's not that complicated either. Download the latest version of the app and select TWINT as the mode of payment when registering.

You choose the modes of payment, we take care of the rest. Traveling just got easier with FAIRTIQ.

PS: Do you have any further requests regarding payment methods or other app features? We encourage you to tell us about it at feedback@fairtiq.com. We are curious to hear your thoughts!