26 April 2019

Ready, steady, go to the «Luzerner Stadtlauf» | FAIRTIQ

Ready, steady, go to the «Luzerner Stadtlauf» | FAIRTIQ

Ready, steady, go to the «Luzerner Stadtlauf»

Like the carnival, the «Luzerner Stadtlauf» belongs to Lucerne. An event that is on the agenda for many every year - even for non-runners. The Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG (vbl) would like to give visitors a special treat at the «42. Luzerner Stadtlauf». After all, what would be a run without its spectators? Without frenetic applause? Less chance to overcome your weaker self. 

4 francs cheaper to travel to or from the «Luzerner Stadtlauf»

Do you plan to use public transport in the Passpartout Tarif zone LU, OW, NW to travel to or from the «Luzerner Stadtlauf» on May 4, 2019? If yes, you should enter the promotion code STADTLAUF2019 in advance to automatically benefit from a CHF 4.00 discount.

It's that simple: 

  1. Open the FAIRTIQ app or download it as quickly as possible
  2. Tap Menu (☰) in the upper left corner and then select Promotions
  3. Enter the code STADTLAUF2019 in the Promocode field. The code can be entered as of April 27, 2019
  4. Check-in with the FAIRTIQ app on May 4, 2019, use public transport to visit the «Luzerner Stadtlauf» or travel back home after the run and receive a CHF 4.00 discount at the end of the day.

Important: Because this promotion is specially designed for «Luzerner Stadtlauf» visitors, the code only works if FAIRTIQ is used to check-in or -out at one of the following stations:

  • Luzern Bahnhof
  • Kantonalbank
  • Schwanenplatz
  • Pilatusplatz
  • Hirzenhof
  • Kasernenplatz
  • Brüggligasse

Personal best in buying tickets? Possible thanks to FAIRTIQ!

We at FAIRTIQ cannot directly help runners to finish with personal best, we can only keep our fingers crossed. That's what we do! But we can help all visitors by guaranteeing them a personal best when buying their tickets.