28 June 2021

Das Suurstoffi-Areal als Labor für die Mobilität von morgen.

Das Suurstoffi-Areal als Labor für die Mobilität von morgen.

'Sorglos mobil': a small-scale project with large-scale ambitions

Is car ownership really the only way to enjoy flexible and sustainable mobility? Absolutely not, and the pilot project 'Sorglos mobil' is setting out to prove it. 'Sorglos mobil' offers residents of the Suurstoffi neighbourhood in the canton of Zug access to a range of shared mobility services, as well as FAIRTIQ's easy-to-use public transport ticketing solution.

One subscription, multiple options

Sustainable mobility begins as soon as you step outside your door. To bring about lasting change in terms of our transport choices, it is vital that we enjoy convenient access, especially from our own homes, to the mode of transport that best suits our travel needs at that given moment. 

This is also the thinking behind the 'Sorglos mobil' pilot project, which gives 20 to 50 residents in the new Suurstoffi neighbourhood in Risch-Rotkreuz (canton of Zug) the chance to try out tomorrow's mobility today. 

'Sorglos mobil' is a subscription-based solution that offers holders a choice of shared mobility services, as well as public transport credits. Thanks to 'Sorglos mobil', Suurstoffi residents can access the local and nationwide fleets of carvelo2go (electric cargo bikes), Mobility (cars) and PubliBike (standard push bikes). This saves them the expense of buying their own bike or car as well as all the associated costs like maintenance and insurance. The pilot, a joint venture between PostBus, Zug Estates, Mobility, the Mobility Academy and the Bern University of Applied Sciences, is in the test phase. The data collected during this period will provide valuable information for the future design of 'Sorglos mobil'.

Flexible and needs-driven mobility guaranteed

According to Lotta Sandbu, project manager at PostBus, flexibility is really important to Suurstoffi residents, "They want to be able to cycle and drive without having to buy their own bike or car. They also want access to public transport services. That's why we decided to include FAIRTIQ in the 'Sorglos mobil' pass. FAIRTIQ app users can use their monthly credit towards whatever public transport fare they want – travel to and from work, a weekend trip to the mountains or a day out to Zurich for a spot of shopping."

PostBus chose FAIRTIQ precisely because it "guarantees our users easy access to public transport services." Sandbu adds that the public transport provider also liked the flexibility and convenience that the solution offers, "FAIRTIQ credits can be used across the entire GA network in Switzerland and the purchasing process is 100% digital."

Mobility – a cornerstone of sustainable neighbourhood development

The mobility strategy behind 'Sorglos Mobil' dovetails with the wider sustainability-focused planning and development of the Suurstoffi neighbourhood.  Thanks to the underground storage system, solar collectors and power grid, the entire site will be a CO2 emission-free zone. 

The 'Sorglos Mobil' pilot launched in May 2021 and will run until the end of January 2022. The project team will work closely with Suurstoffi residents to improve and expand the mobility services on offer. Lotta Sandbu believes that the project will generate valuable insights that could benefit not only Suurstoffi but other neighbourhoods too, "We hope that the pilot phase will go well and that the approach will then be rolled out across other residential areas in Switzerland."

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