24 June 2020

Travel lighter: Add your SwissPass to the FAIRTIQ App | FAIRTIQ

Travel lighter: Add your SwissPass to the FAIRTIQ App | FAIRTIQ

The smartest mobile ticketing app has just gotten even smarter: you can now add your SwissPass to the FAIRTIQ app. Great news for you... and for the ticket inspector! 

Whether you are frequent or occasional user of Swiss public transport, it is well worth your while investing in a SBB Half Fare Travelcard.  Whatever your destination - a day trip to the mountains for a spot of hiking or a relaxing weekend in sunny Ticino - ticket costs can soon pile up. The SBB Half Fare Travelcard offers discounts on all public transport routes, which is why few people in Switzerland never leave home without it or their SwissPass. FAIRTIQ now makes travelling even easier by allowing users to upload their SwissPass to the mobile ticketing app. No more rummaging around for you and no more waiting around for the busy ticket inspectors!

All-in-one QR code

Once you have uploaded your SwissPass to the FAIRTIQ app, all you need to do is show the ticket inspector the FAIRTIQ-generated QR code, who will then scan it and, in one go, check that all your travel documents - ticket and fare card - are in order. 

Uploading the SwissPass: 

  1. Tap "Menu" (☰) on the top left of the screen and go to "Settings".
  2. At the top of the screen, go to "Tickets" and tap on "Half Fare Travelcard".
  3. Swipe the  "Add my SwissPass" slider to the right and enter your SwissPass number in the field displayed.
  4. Enjoy your trip with FAIRTIQ!

You see, it couldn’t be simpler! So, why not add your SwissPass to the FAIRTIQ app today and start travelling lighter.