12 December 2020

This year, FAIRTIQ’s gift contributes even more to sustainable mobility | FAIRTIQ

This year, FAIRTIQ’s gift contributes even more to sustainable mobility | FAIRTIQ

This year, FAIRTIQ’s gift contributes even more to sustainable mobility

FAIRTIQ, the mobility start-up, is committed to accelerating the shift to sustainable transport and making responsible, eco-friendly travel an attractive and accessible proposition for everyone. 

This holiday season, FAIRTIQ has decided to offer a gift of support to Shape your Trip, a sustainable mobility project launched by MyClimate and sponsored by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). 

Shape Your Trip  encourages young adults to explore the environmental and social  impact of their personal travel behaviour. Using their own travel ideas as an example, together they identify what action they could take to make their leisure and school trips more sustainable

The FAIRTIQ had a major growth spurt in 2020, welcoming a host of new members to its tight-knit family. With the support of our now considerable partner network, we will be able to take a giant step towards transforming our vision of sustainable mobility for all into reality. 

This is what we at FAIRTIQ and our partners are doing to advance the shift to sustainable mobility and encourage people to make more responsible and greener transport choices: 



...and in 2021 foster cooperation, as a thriving public transport community, with the MyClimate non-profit organisation.

We want to thank MyClimate for the great cooperation to date. This shared experience and the lessons learned during the process have been invaluable. To show our appreciation, FAIRTIQ will make a donation, on behalf of itself and its partners, to Shape your Trip, a MyClimate project.

We will provide updates on the Shape your Trip project during 2021.

PS: The FAIRTIQ team practices what it preaches. Wherever we can, we avoid taking short-haul flights for business trips, preferring to take advantage of the good choice of long-haul and overnight rail alternatives instead. 

We offset our CO2 emissions through MyClimate's first-rate climate projects and are now climate neutral-certified. Of course, we realise that  zero emissions would be better. But by choosing to offset, we are sending a message that we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously and  are committed to doing whatever we can in the future to minimise our CO2 footprint.