Traveling across Switzerland with FAIRTIQ for one year now. Or: the end of cheap excuses?

It rains and therefore spontaneously by bus instead of by bike to work. Or by tram to your favourite café to enjoy the best cappuccino in town. Thanks to the FAIRTIQ app, all this has been done in the simplest possible way for almost three years. For about a year now, FAIRTIQ has also been making it possible to travel across Switzerland. Whether from St. Gallen to Geneva or from Lugano to Basel. Gone are the days when you already felt like a tourist outside your own city because you couldn't decipher the tariff zone map. But also an end to cheap excuses. But we want to start right at the beginning.

Tariff jungle? FAIRTIQ with it 😉 

I know Lucerne like the back of my hand. Zurich is no stranger to me either and I'm finding my way around Berne better and better. In and around the city centre, of course. If my destination is considerably away from the city centre, then it can be difficult to choose the right ticket. Especially if I take the opportunity and spontaneously make a few extra stops or a route extension during a planned trip. If, for example, I am in St.Gallen, the weather is exceptionally good and I have some time left, then a spontaneous detour to the Drei Weieren is almost a must. And exactly in such moments makes FAIRTIQ my life so much easier - no hassling about the number of zones or even annoyance about the missed chance of buying a day pass. I decide the destination(s) and FAIRTIQ settles the bill for me at the end of the day. Adieu tariff jungle, hello carefree package!

Carefree public transport riding is brilliant! But ...

There is this one distant aunt who talks a lot about her cat Leo, but is actually quite nice. So it happens that I once again catapult myself into an awkward situation at the annual family reunion. How? By promising her anew every time that I will finally visit her this year. But until now I had to disappoint her every year. But there was the ingenious FAIRTIQ excuse.

"You know, I only ride with FAIRTIQ. This public transport app. You use it too, don't you? Yes and there it is, that I simply can't drive with it from Bern to you to Nottwil, unfortunately." 

At this year's family party two days ago, my aunt already waited for me at the restaurant entrance: "FAIRTIQ works across Switzerland - and it's been one year!" Whether it's due to a lack of excuse or an active desire to travel - we look forward to your trip with FAIRTIQ. All across Switzerland.