23 March 2020

Die FAIRTIQ-App ist neu auch im Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT) nutzbar.

Die FAIRTIQ-App ist neu auch im Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT) nutzbar.

VMT brings forward launch of contactless ticketing, courtesy of FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ is already up and running across the Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT) public transport network. Purchasing tickets has never been easier: with the FAIRTIQ app, one swipe from left to right on your smartphone is all it takes. It is not only time users save, but money too thanks to a best price guarantee on daily and weekly fares.

Validity across the entire network – a first for Germany

VMT is the first regional public transport association in Germany to introduce the FAIRTIQ app across its entire route network. Hunting around for spare change, standing in line at the ticket machine and debacles with fare zone maps are now a thing of the past! Thanks to FAIRTIQ’s simple check-in, check-out ticketing solution, users of the VMT network can purchase tickets, travelcards and passes quickly and with zero hassle. In light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, VMT was especially keen to make ticketing as contactless as possible for its customers. It therefore decided to bring the launch of the FAIRTIQ app forward by a couple of days, as Christoph Heuing, VMT managing director explains: 

“We want to make public transport as easy as possible to use, which is why we invested so much of our time and energy in developing this solution. Given the restrictions currently in place on staffed ticket counters, we decided to immediately bring the new system on stream.”

Maximum benefits for the customer thanks to best price guarantees on daily and weekly fares

FAIRTIQ has always charged its users the lowest available fare for one-way journeys, and automatically detects whether the journey falls into the short hop ticket category or not. Instead of charging each journey separately, the FAIRTIQ app adds all of the journeys taken over a single day, which means that users pay no more than the price of a one-day pass for the given fare zone. For the first time, FAIRTIQ offers VMT network users a best price guarantee on a weekly basis, too. In doing so, it dispels the myth still widespread in public transport circles that season tickets can only be paid for in advance. This type of capping is also more in line with current megatrends, including radical shifts in the way we work and live (e.g. increase in part-time and remote work). At the same time, it reflects the strong customer-focused approach of VMT and its network partners. As the founder and CEO of FAIRTIQ which provided the technological expertise behind the pioneering solution, Gian Mattia Schuchan notes: 

​“We are thrilled that FAIRTIQ and VMT are the first in the world to offer this type of dynamic, smartphone-based weekly ticket. We’re sure that others will follow our lead.”