16 August 2021

FAIRTIQ analytics turn data into actionable insights | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ analytics turn data into actionable insights | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ analytics turn data into actionable insights

FAIRTIQ is much more than a sales channel. All our partners enjoy automatic access to a dashboard giving them a detailed overview of ticket sale trends, transactions, user numbers and lots of other information like voucher expenditure. FAIRTIQ also offers two configurable analytics tools – origin-destination data and passenger transfer patterns – which allow public transport providers to gain a much better understanding of their customers' travel behaviour.


How do our passengers actually use our services? How many tickets did we sell on a given day? Do our marketing campaigns or certain external factors influence users' travel behaviour and service uptake? These are just a few of the questions that public transport companies and fare associations increasingly want precise answers to.

FAIRTIQ is on hand to support its partners with bespoke analyses and reports that meet their specific needs. Our analytics tools enable planners and fare experts to make informed decisions thanks to an extremely valuable and growing dataset offering a level of detail far in excess of that offered by conventional data sources. Time-consuming and expensive surveys are replaced with FAIRTIQ's cost-effective solution that provides rapid access to the latest data.

Origin-destination data

From many discussions we had with our partners, we identified that origin-destination data are especially important for the operational side of public transport provision. However, these often constitute a blind spot. Origin-destination data make it possible to reach informed routing decisions and design timetables which better match passenger needs. What makes the FAIRTIQ dataset so different from others is that the most common origin-destination pairs can be configured at multiple levels:

  • by transit stop
  • by city/fare zone
  • by user-defined zones (geofence)

Analysis of passenger transfer flows

Another source of valuable information for public transport providers is the transfer behaviour of its passengers, including the main transfer stations/stops and junctions. These insights enable them to offer their users optimised timetables and connections.


FAIRTIQ analytics tools: updated daily and easy to use

Today's data are often the basis of tomorrow's planning decisions. Conventional data harvesting methods are time-consuming, which can mean that there is a considerable lag between collection and analysis. In contrast, the analytics tools offered by FAIRTIQ deliver the latest data quickly, i.e. within one to two days after the journey was made. Origin-destination data and the tools for analysing passenger transfer flows are add-ons; they are easy to configure, user-friendly and intuitive. Public transport providers can export these data and use them for other analyses, either alone or expanded and supplemented with in-house data.


Privacy is paramount

FAIRTIQ takes data protection extremely seriously. This is why the travel data we provide our partners are always anonymised and aggregated, and are only used for the purpose of improving service delivery. Also, FAIRTIQ never shares sensitive customer information that are off-topic, such as stretches of the journey covered on foot and transfers at stops and routes serviced by other providers.


What type of information do you need?

What data do you use to plan and optimise your service provision? How do you collect this information? Are you missing any data points? Our public transport and data experts will be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have, as well as explain what FAIRTIQ's cost-effective and precision data analytics tools can do for you.