The easiest public transport ticket in the world - now available in Braunschweig.

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Travel with one swipe 

With only one swipe in the FAIRTIQ app, you'll always have the right ticket for your travels in Braunschweig, without the hassle of dealing with complicated fare zones or ticket combinations. Whether you're headed somewhere specific or making multiple transfers, FAIRTIQ effortlessly recognizes your journey and sorts out the perfect ticket combination for you by the end of the day.

This is how the FAIRTIQ app works

IC05 - UserCentric

Download and register on the FAIRTIQ app.

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Swipe the "Start" button to the right before entering the public transport vehicle. The destination does not need to be specified.

IC02 - Class Upgrade

In case of a ticket inspection, tap on "Show Ticket."

IC20 - Innovation

The FAIRTIQ app automatically ends your journey and determines the correct ticket combination.

Multiple tickets with one swipe

Thinking of bringing someone along? Simply add your companion under Menu → Companions, and select them on the start screen before starting your journey.

The FAIRTIQ universe knows no bounds

With just one swipe, you can effortlessly journey through 17 regions in Germany, two in Austria, two in France, and smoothly navigating across Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Our mission? Making everyday mobility as easy as possible. 🌍